Estepona Property Market — where to buy a property and how much does it cost

The housing market of Estepona explained. 8 Districts for Buying Property — reviews, comparison, pros and cons for home buyers.
Our nеw property overview is about Estepona аnd its surroundings. The city is located on the Costa del Sol, Province of Malaga in Andalusia. The population of Estepona is about 70,000. It is one of the most promising residential areas on the coast in terms of property investments: among the advantages of Estepona is proximity to Marbella, where famous and wealthy spend their vacations. This gives the area a strategic benefit: developers do not doubt that soon, Marbella and Estepona will merge into a single agglomeration, and local property prices will rise.
Aerial view of Estepona
In cоntrast to Marbella, Estepona still has plenty of land available for development, which opens up numerous offers of new homes for buyers. The "entry-level" for offers оf the city's real estate market is at €100,000. In Estepona, most of the foreigners are from Great Britain. This city attracts them with a wide range of golf courses and the proximity to Gibraltar Airport. Estepona is suitable for both tempоrary living and vacation spending. Also, investors are looking for new buildings at various stages of construction for further resale or renting out.

The city is divided into eight districts. In this article, we analyze each of them, talk about the pros and cons of each place and give examples of property prices. Let's gеt into it!

1. Benamara-Atalaya

First let's land in the east of the city, where the Guadalmina River divides the municipal boundaries of Estepona and Marbella. The Benamara-Atalaya area is a relatively quiet place, located at the foot of a hill, close to Marbella – a significant plus for those who want to be close to some fancy place. It takes 5-7 minutes by car to get to Marbella. Still, prices in Estepona are 20% lower than those in an expensive neighbourhood. A beach line stretches up to the AP-7 highway. The suburbs of Hacienda del Sol, Benamara, Saladillo and Villacana are densely filled with resort properties, especially the first line of the beach. There you mostly see resale properties constructed in 1984-1996, with an average price of €250,000 for a two-bedroom apartment.
Benamara-Atalaya is a remote area. Although it is officially located within the city, it is in fact a quiet suburb. It has schools, kindergartens, a golf academy and other services.

Farther away from the sea, behind the AP-7 highway, there are numerous golf courses. Huge mansions are also famous here; you can find some options in the Nueva Atalaya, Paraiso-Barronal and Cancelada areas (Velvet urbanization). These are private villages consisting of villas of a high-tech design, with numerous gardens and a new road. A three-bedroom villa with a sea view, a 1000m² plot and a swimming pool costs around €1,000,000.
Project of the future complex
New villas in the Velvet urbanization will be completed in a year
Who will like this place? Golf lovers and those who want to live close to Marbella. Besides, land and property taxes are much lower here: in Estepona, you will pay around €1500 per 1,000m² annually, in Marbella – at least €2500 for a similar plot.

2. Selwo

There are few properties in Selwo. For the most part, Selwo's territory is Aventura Nature Reserve and a vast, adjacent safari area with cheetahs, tigers, flamingos and other animals. It is a great hiking route for travellers with children. It is not worth living close by this reserve, as many wild animals live there and you can hear their screaming at night. And if the wind blows from the mountain, you can even feel their natural odour.
However, almost all the real estate in the area is located on the downhill and closer to the sea. Selwo is a relatively new area:
  • There are still a few roads.
  • It is dark in the evening.
  • There is no "sense of the city" yet.
The area is now being actively developed, and Estepona's administration is investing a lot of money in it. For those who are going to move here right now – this is a downside. However, beneficial for investors: in a few years, when construction is completed, and the area has all the necessary infrastructure, prices for local houses will go up. In Selwo you can buy new two-bedroom apartments for as little as €189,000. It is located in a gated urbanization with 2-3 storey buildings, a swimming pool and gym.
Real estate and church under construction
Real estate and church under construction in Selwo area
The beaches in this area are wild. To be more precise, there are no municipal beaches here, and the coast partially belongs to restaurants. In the mornings, restaurants put sunbeds and umbrellas to the beach so that guests can rent them for a day, for example, in Playa Bella, where you can also enjoy breathtaking views of Marbella, Africa and Gibraltar.

Golf enthusiasts will love Selwo: Resina Golf Resort is considered one of the most excellent options in terms of price and quality. Besides, there are few hotels here, and the British come to play golf all year round. You can rent a two-bedroom apartment for €100 per day.

3. Punta Plata

The Padron River separates the Selwo and Punta Plata areas. Here begins the dense urban development. At the entrance of this district, you can see the huge Kempinski and Mar Azul hotels, which are located on the first line and offer an impressive territory. There you can buy apartments from €750,000. Among the advantages, you can find not only the first beach line and high-quality infrastructure, but also high profitability and year-round demand for rentals.
When buying this real estate, you receive a guaranteed income from the Kempinski Hotel of 7%-8% of the cost of property per year (even if you will occupy it for at least one month per year). Next to Kempinski, there is a cosy commercial centre and Laguna Village leisure area with parking and a private beach.
Further along the coast you will find a large shopping centre with a wide range of fish and seafood (Estepona is one of the most important fishing ports on the coast). In addition to Carrefour and chain shops, there is a daily seafood and fish market.
The Punta Plata area does not end there: if you go further along the sea, you can see various types of holiday property. It is worth looking closer at the Alcazaba Beach complex with swimming pools and white houses in Andalusian style.
Alcazaba Beach
Alcazaba Beach
A two-bedroom apartment with no sea view on the second beach line costs around €260,000. Alcazaba Beach also offers a guaranteed rental service, which will be taken over by the administration of the complex: rental agents, concierges, cleaning service – a whole team of specialists.

There are fewer resort options behind the AP-7 road. In the Reinoso and Los Llanos areas, local farmers grow fruits and vegetables in their fincas. The remote areas also attract beekeeping enthusiasts. There you can consider buying a country house or a villa built in the 80s-90s.

4. Estepona Pueblo

Finally, we get to the heart of the city, where it all began. The mayor's office is located here, and life is bustling all year round. The Estepona Pueblo district is divided into four sub-districts: Pabellon Municipal, Centro, Puerto de Estepona and Zona Calvario. The city centre, just like the rest of Estepona, is called the "Garden of the Costa del Sol" because of the blooming flowers all year round.
Flowers in the city center
Typical street in the city center
From the border with Punta Plata to Avenida Andalucia, stretches the Pabellon Municipal area. The main events of the San Juan festival (bonfires and processions) are held there every July. In the centre of Estepona, you can find some new infrastructure of a modern European city and everything you may need while residing here permanently. In this area, there are new buildings up to ten floors. They are located away from the sea—a new apartment 20 minutes' walk from the sea costs from €190,000.
Getting closer to the coast, you will see mostly old construction. Price for a townhouse built in 1996 on the seafront starts from €260,000.

"Centro" is the Old Town. Here you will only discover buildings, and it is just like Pabellon Municipal – mostly Spanish. The most popular brands have their shops here, on Avenida Real street. This neighbourhood offers numerous squares, restaurants and bars: Spanish families come here on weekends to dine and hang out with their family and friends. Another attraction for tourists from all over the world is the Orchidarium – the largest one in Europe. There you will see over 8,000 species of plants.

The Estepona Centre is excellent for any purpose: permanent residence, tourism or renting out. The only problem with the area is the lack of parking as the streets here are very narrow—a two-storey townhouse built in the 90s costs from €110,000 (60m²) to €500,000.

The port of Estepona (after which the adjacent sub-district Puerto de Estepona is named) is to be improved by adding a dock for cruise ships. Currently, the nearest sea "stops" for them are in Malaga and Gibraltar. Next to the port, you can see the City Hall building and the bullring. New housing is being constructed around the Plaza de Toros de Estepona; there is still plenty of available land, and this is the most rapidly developing part of the city. It takes no more than 10 minutes on foot to get to the beach. One of the projects under cоnstruction is called Las Mesas. It is located in the hills; all the apartments are oriented to one side and overlook the sea and the Old Town.
Las Mesas building complex
Las Mesas
New 2-bedroom apartments in Las Mesas cost from €320,000. A similar version in Marbella is twice more expensive. A mall with the largest screen in Spain is planned to be constructed here, which is why prices are expected to rise. That is why we recommend this place for investors.

The entire seafront of the area is full of flowers. Behind the port on the first sealine, there are some luxury properties. As an example, a townhouse in Doncella Beach costs around €2,000,000.
Townhouses with the common pool
Townhouses in Doncella Beach complex
In Zona Calvario, behind the AP-7 highway, you can find a new stadium and a large complex for Olympic sports that are currently under construction. There is Teatro Auditorium Felipe VI concert hall where artists from all over the globe arrive to perform. Otherwise, it is an industrial zone with warehouses and workshops. Still, all the industrial facilities have been moved out of residential areas.
One of the best beaches on Costa del Sol
Playa de la Rada
Along the Estepona Pueblo area stretches snow-white Playa de la Rada, one of the best beaches on the entire Costa del Sol – 70 metres wide and several kilometres long!

5. Seghers

Behind the centre and the port area, we arrive at the Seghers district, which is the smallest one. Those who are looking for a new luxury property will love it here. The Island's project definitely stands out here. Real estate on the seafront in this complex costs from €850,000.
Nex VIP-complex under construction
The Island
Resale options that require renovation, with sea views can be purchased for €350,000. Seghers is a lovely area with blooming flowers and palm alleys. Also, it is almost the only area on the first line of the sea that still has some land for development left. Thanks to this fact, Seghers is in great demand among investors.

6. Altos de Estepona

As we move to the north, we get to Altos de Estepona, the largest district of the city. Altos de Estepona is located on a hilltop and offers picturesque views of the city, the Mediterranean Sea and Gibraltar. Only one road has been constructed here so far, so we do not recommend choosing this area if you do not have a car.
Views on sea from Altos Estepona hills
View of the Strait of Gibraltar
Sierra Bermeja, the highest point of Estepona, is a popular destination for farmers and mansion owners. There are a lot of agricultural landmarks in this area. It is a relatively high mountain, covered in snow in winter: the temperature drops to +5, which is very cold for Andalusia. There are also several hiking routes along the Sierra Bermeja.
Due to its elevated position, not all Altos de Estepona villas have electricity. Some owners need additional funds to provide themselves with water and energy. On the other hand, the land here is relatively cheap—a plot of land to build a house costs around €60,000. From €120,000 you can buy a house of about 150 m² in good condition with its own well – a mountain river with clean water flows nearby).

This place is suitable for those who love agriculture, stock raising and farming. Some farmers have started their mango and avocado plantations here. Interesting to mention – in Altos de Estepona, you can try a decent karting.

7. Costa Natura

Let's leave the hills in the north of Estepona and visit the last two areas of our online tour. The first of them is called Costa Natura. There is one specific detail that defines this place – a nude beach. A part of the coast here is dedicated to those who prefer clothing-free vacation. There is also a hotel and a residential complex of the same name, built for guests of all ages who love to sunbathe naked.

If this does not embarrass you, it is worth saying that thanks to this free environment, prices in the Costa Natura area are noticeably lower than the city average. You can buy a spacious apartment on the seafront for as little as €120,000. But then again, the neighbours will walk around you naked. Some real estate agents refuse to go there with clients.

However, there are other properties in this area that have nothing to do with naked people. For example, Valle Romano apart-hotel residence. This is one of the largest and most popular places for golf in the city. In apart-hotel, you can buy an apartment with guaranteed income from the administration of the complex (at least 5% of the cost of housing per year). You will be able to live there for no more than eight weeks a year, so this option is great for investors. The rest of the year, your property will be rented out to tourists. Most of the time it is the British who fly to the Costa del Sol to play golf, the local climate allows for this all year round. The price of apartments in Valle Romano starts from €112,000.
At some distance from the sea (towards the hills) there are several buildings under construction near the hospital. The hospital is expected to become one of the core enterprises in the coming years, so that the surrounding housing will be in demand by doctors and other hospital staff. New 2-bedroom apartments with sea views cost from €143,000.

It takes no more than 10 minutes to walk to the beach from new buildings. New villas in this area cost from € 495,000. There is also a new shopping centre and supermarkets like Mercadona, Aldi, etc., the prestigious international school Colegio Diocesano Juan XXIII.

If you go even further into the mountains, you can find the famous Alcazaba Lagoon residential complex behind the AP-7 highway. It is located around the largest artificial lake on the entire Costa del Sol.
Property owners of Alcazaba Lagoon feel like they live in an oasis. There are entertainers for children and instructors working on the lake (free of charge for homeowners), so you can safely leave your child playing in the water and visit one of the restaurants within the complex. A 2-bedroom apartment in Alcazaba Lagoon complex costs around €280,000.

8. Playa Bahia Dorada

Finally, we arrive at Playa Bahia Dorada. There are several major urbanizations in the area: Finca Cortesin, Buenas Noches and others. We mention them for a reason – these are privileged gated complexes for buyers with a huge budget. Villas are located here on the first golf line; there are also restaurants honoured Michelin stars.
In this area, it is the opposite – the closer you get to the sea, the cheaper it is. Why? The fact is that in winter the water rises here, and the coastline is in the lowlands. This way, the sea can "come out of the shore" and flood the nearest buildings, especially in winter. If that doesn't scare you, you can find property offers for as little €80,000, but we don't recommend buying apartments on the ground floor.

But a little further up the hill you will find a luxury neighbourhood. There is no wind, but you can see the Mediterranean Sea, Africa and Gibraltar. Prices for two-bedroom apartments start at €300,000. Villas – from € 1,500,000. Although this is far from the city centre, prices here are high. Entrances of the urbanizations are guarded, and there is video surveillance everywhere. Here you can visit some great restaurants of various cuisines.
Breakfast in Playa Bahia Dorada
A regular breakfast at one of the Finca Cortesin restaurants costs around €50. At the table next to yours you may meet sports stars, TV stars and other Spanish and European celebrities. Resale villas with pools here cost from €600,000.

9. Examples of property prices in Estepona

To sum up, we developed this table and reviewed the pros and cons of each district and included its prices.
Thanks for reading! If you are interested in Spanish real estate, please, open our catalogue and choose an appropriate property. Take care of yourself and subscribe to the Virtoproprety social media to see future articles!