Barcelona to regulate rental price for at least 5 years

The residence, worth over 25 million euros of investments, is located in the new Vistahermosa Norte development in Alicante
The Barcelona City Council's municipal plenary has approved the declaration of the tense market zone, which will allow all the tools available to the Catalan Rent Price Control Act to be applied for a minimum of five years.

From this declaration onwards, the reference price when signing a new rental contract in the Catalan capital will be the lower of the price of the previous contract or 95% of the price set by the Generalitat's reference price index.

In addition to the declaration, all the allegations presented during the public exhibition period were rejected.
 ASG Homes began to work on its Santa Clara Residential project in Alicante
ASG Homes began to work on its Santa Clara Residential project in Alicante
The councillor for Housing, Lucía Martín, explained that only allegations from the Association of Developers and Builders of Catalonia, the Barcelona Chamber of Urban Property and the Association of Rental Property Owners were rejected, and not from small property owners.

According to Martín, these are entities that bring together "privileged minorities", large companies and property developers, who want to "perpetuate a business model that is incompatible with guaranteeing the right to housing for the majority" and therefore seek to "prevent the continued application of the rent containment law".

The councillor said that thanks to this regulation, the supply of rental housing has increased and "prices are beginning to stabilise".

In the debate, all the opposition agreed in criticising the municipal housing policy, both those who voted in favour of the declaration and those who voted against it.

ERC councillor Eva Baró criticised the fact that the declaration of the tense market zone had to be carried out in an extraordinary plenary session because there were only six days left before the legal deadline to do so, when there had been months to approve it.

"If it were up to you, the regulation of rental prices in the city of Barcelona would not be a reality", Baró reproached the municipal government.

In their interventions, the minority groups that voted against the declaration insisted on the pernicious effects of rent regulation and recalled that the Catalan law on price containment, on which the declaration is based, has been appealed before the Constitutional Court.


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