Buyers opt for villas and apartments in communities in Spanish suburbs

Spanish homebuyers are shifting to peripheral areas in 2021
The pandemic has caused the demand for apartments to shift in favour of single-family homes in peripheral areas, as reported by the General Council of the Official Associations of Real Estate Agents (COAPI) of Spain. In the repost it is also said that those buyers who opt for an apartment require a spacious terrace and a communal zone.

People who decide to live in this type of property are looking for a complex in the central neighbourhoods of the cities. Along with this, one of the main demands is proximity to public transport and infrastructure with supermarkets, reports Europa Press.
villa in Spanish suburbs
As a result of the pandemic, there has been a considerable increase in the demand for the property with outdoor spaces, according to real estate agents.

In terms of price, the Community of Madrid and the Basque Country are the most expensive communities in Spain – 3,117 euros per square meter and 2,883 euros, respectively. They are followed by the Balearic Islands and Catalonia, which both exceed 2,500 euros.

most expensive communities in Spain
For that reason, many of the buyers opt for well-located apartments with less private area. "The client is looking for a property with a good distribution and two/three bedrooms on average. In addition, they emphasize that it does not need any repairs that may increase the total cost," as commented by the General Council of the COAPI of Spain.

Likewise, the real estate agents state that there is no firm answer whether it is better to buy a new or a second-hand apartment. It will always depend on the specific profile of each buyer and the preferences that he/she prioritizes when defining the property to be purchased, since both options satisfy certain needs.

The qualities offered by both types of property please one buyer profile or another based on their priorities. The new apartments guarantee a longer life of the property, offer modern designs and have a lower energy consumption, among many other advantages. However, second-hand apartments are cheaper, have better locations and a lower tax burden.


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