Housing in Valencia grows in price above the average – by 3.7% over the year

In which parts of Valencia the price has gone up the most? Learn the latest statistics!
Housing prices in the Valencian capital are 3.7% higher at the end of June than they were a year ago, according to Tinsa. Valencia has an average price of 1,518 euros per square metre, half the price paid in cities such as San Sebastian, Madrid or Barcelona.

But there are differences by neighbourhood; some of the areas are still falling in price, which is rather surprising. This is the case of L'Eixample, one of the areas of the city with the highest prices; it has also been the most demanded one. The analysis by Tinsa currently puts the square metre at 2,188 euros, 7.1% below the levels paid a year ago.

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This is not the case in the other two top areas of the capital – Turia and Ciutat Vella in the heart of the city – where the square metre has risen by 5.6% over the year and reached 2,584 euros. Pla del Real, the first urban expansion area with modern buildings, where the square metre costs 2,391 euros, which is 2.8% more than a year ago.

Among the areas that are increasing in price are Quatre Carreres and Rascanya, places with new developments and infrastructure.
Valencia districts map
As for renting, analysts point out that more and more people are opting for it and the profitability is increasing. In Valencia, the average profitability from letting is 3.7%, and some neighbourhoods are gaining ground.

One of these is Olivereta, where rental profitability stands at 5.7%, and the demand is increasing. Sales prices have risen by 6% over the year in this area, which has gained interest over the last decade.

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