Buying on Idealista or Fotocasa — everything you need know about largest property web sites in Spain

Buy or rent property in Spain directly from the owners. How to find best offers and obtain property from Idealista, Fotocasa, Milanuncios and other Spanish portal without agents.

1. About the service

Every day more than 1 million people are looking for desired real estate options in Spain on Idealista, Fotocasa, Milanuncios and Pisos portals. The offering includes direct sales from owners, as well as options from real estate agencies. We offer the opportunity to buy any property from the Spanish portals like Idealista, Fotocasa, Milanuncios and others, directly and without commission.

2. Advantages

Great choice of real estate, so you have an opportunity to choose what you need. It is possible to consider the maximum number of search criteria.

Financial benefit – you do not pay a commission when buying; there is the possibility of bidding if the buyer is seriously interested.

Conscious choice and time saving – often the "best" option when properly evaluated turns out not to be as attractive or even unsuitable for buying. Our experts will inform you about the pros and cons of each selected option.
Screenshot from the Idealista website
Screenshot from the Idealista website
The manager will "work for you" – experienced specialists will honestly tell you about all the obvious disadvantages - the area, neighbours, the quality of housing, price adequacy, proximity to industrial facilities and so on. Together with the client, they will select the best options and arrange a viewing.

Transparency – clear way of work with no commission, you only pay for the service of selection and viewing.

3. How does the purchase process look?

Initial consultation on the purchase process and maintenance costs, document requirements, etc.
Selection of options
You send us the options (links to portals) you have chosen. Our manager contacts the sellers, gives an evaluation of each option and agrees with you on the options to be viewed.
Organization of viewings
Remote option – the manager visits the site, makes a video review, takes measurements (if necessary).

Standard – the manager arranges a visit to the selected properties together with the client.
Paper check and additional information
For those options you liked, we ask for documents, specifying the total area and year of construction, information on the amount of utility payments and IBI tax.
Transfer of documents for the transaction
The documents of the option chosen for the purchase are handed over to the lawyer. The cost of the real estate registration service ranges from 390 to 990 EUR, depending on the set of services provided.

4. Remote or in Spain

The whole process can be carried out remotely; you will need to visit Spain once to sign documents with a notary and get your keys.
You arrive in Spain; we meet you at the airport, view some options and process documents.

5. Cost of service

The cost of the property selection service is 990 EUR + IVA.

It includes:

  • Pre-selection and analysis of up to 25 properties
  • Organisation of viewings (or video reports) and survey of up to 7 properties*
  • Preliminary verification of documents for the transaction
Legal services for the transaction (opening of a bank account, NIE, legal support at the transaction, utilities contracts renewal, mortgage) to be covered additionally. The cost of the service – from 390 to 990 EUR, depending on the set of services.

*The cost of each subsequent property review or viewing – 100 EUR per property.

6. How to order a service?

Leave a request via the form below. If you have already selected some options, provide us with links. If not, our specialist will contact you and assist you in it.
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7. Popular portals of Spanish real estate

Sоme portals may not open from other countries. For access, use VPN services, for example:

ZenMate VPF Chrome
ZenMate Firefox
Opera VPN

Or any other similar services.

List of portals: (need to use VPN services for access)

Is it possible to buy real estate from portals by yourself?

Yes, you can buy real estate on your own on any of the portals. To do it, at the very least, you must:

  • have a good knowledge of Spanish for negotiations;

  • know the market, understand which properties are worth buying;

  • have a lot of time, as you will have to find many details and nuances about each property, often the sellers respond very slowly;

  • take into account your time and money spent on organising viewings;

  • have a NIE number;

  • have an open account in a Spanish bank and legalised money on the account to complete the transaction.

We offer you to save your time, nerves and money – entrust this complicated process to professionals. Leave your application now!
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