Are Parking Lots in Spain a good investment? Do parking lots make money? Where to buy a parking space in Spain?

Last year the profitability of parking spaces in Spain almost reached 10%. What are the best provinces, cities and municipalities in Spain to buy a parking space for investment?
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The average profitability of parking spaces has reached 8.7% this year, which shows a slight decrease compared to 2020 (9.9%), although 2% more than five years ago. In general, the profitability of parkings in Spain goes from 6.9% recorded in 2016 to 8.7% in 2021. A year ago this figure almost reached 10%, while in 2021 it will hardly climb 9%.
Profitability of parking lots in Spain over the last 6 years
Profitability of parking lots in Spain over the last 6 years
The profitability of parkings in Spain in June 2021 is 1.2% less than in 2020 and 1.8% more than five years ago (6.9% in 2016), according to the mid-year study.

"In the second quarter of the year we see that there is a slight decrease compared to 2020 although the profitability is still very high. This slight decrease is explained by the lower growth in the price of parking rents that we have been witnessing for some time now," explains María Matos, Director of Studies and Spokesperson for Fotocasa.

Above- and below-average profitability

Four of the autonomous communities have a profitability equal to or above the Spanish average: Murcia (11.5%), Comunitat Valenciana (9.7%), Andalusia (9.3%) and Navarra (8.7%). Below the average profitability can be found in the Canary Islands (8.6%), Balearic Islands (8.6%), Catalonia (8.3%), Madrid (7.8%), Castile-La Mancha (7.7%), Cantabria (7.5%), Aragon (7.1%), Galicia (6.7%), Extremadura (6.6%), Castile and Leon (6.6%), Asturias (6.3%) and the Basque Country (6.1%).

Most investment-friendly provinces

Of the 36 provinces analyzed, 36% are more profitable than the Spanish average (8.7%). The most investment-friendly provinces in 2021 (above the average) are: Seville (12.1%), Murcia (11.6%), Almería (11.4%), Huelva (11%), Toledo (9.8%), Alicante (9.4%), Valencia (9.3%), Tarragona (9.1%), Castellón (9.1%), Santa Cruz de Tenerife (8.9%) and Las Palmas (8.9%).

The remaining provinces below the profitability level of the Spanish average are: Gipuzkoa (5.3%), Salamanca (5.9%), Bizkaia (6.2%), Pontevedra (6.2%), Burgos (6.4%), Badajoz (6.7%), Asturias (6.7%), Granada (6.7%), Valladolid (6.8%), Cordoba (6.9%), Ciudad Real (7, 3%), Zaragoza (7.4%), Cantabria (7.5%), Cádiz (7.6%), Girona (7.7%), Barcelona (7.7%), Madrid (8.0%), Lleida (8.1%), A Coruña (8.4%), Illes Balears (8.5%), Navarra (8.5%) and Málaga (8.6%)
 most investment-friendly provinces in Spain
profitability of parking in Spain in 2021

Profitability by municipality

The most profitable city in Spain at mid-2021 was Murcia capital with a 10.8% profitability for parkings. It is followed by Seville capital (9.5%), Palma de Mallorca (7.6%), Valencia capital (7.5%), Lleida capital (6.8%), Zaragoza capital (6.6%), L'Hospitalet de Llobregat (6.6%), Sabadell (6.4%), A Coruña capital (6.2%), Málaga capital (6.2%), Tarragona capital (6.1%), Madrid city (5.9%), Girona city (5.9%), Barcelona city (5.9%), Alicante / Alacant (5.7%), Valladolid city (5.6%), Córdoba city (5.5%), Esplugues de Llobregat (5.4%), Donostia - San Sebastián (4.8%), Badajoz city (4.8%), Vigo (4.3%) and Granada city (4.0%).

Profitability by district

Profitability of parking by district in Madrid capital
profitability of parking in Madrid in June 2021
As for Madrid capital, the neighbourhood with the most profitable parking spaces in June 2021 is Centro with a 6% profitability, followed by Hortaleza (5.2%), Fuencarral (5.1%), Tetuán (4.8%), Arganzuela (4.6%) and Salamanca (4.5%).
Profitability by district in Barcelona capital
profitability of parking in Barcelona capital in June 2021
As for Barcelona capital, the district with the most profitable parkings in June 2021 is Horta - Guinardó with 6.9%, Eixample (6.1%), Sants - Montjuïc (6.0%), Les Corts (5.9%), Sant Andreu (5.9%), Sarrià - Sant Gervasi (5.2%), Gràcia (5.1%) and Sant Martí (5.1%).

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