Property prices went up in August: in which autonomous regions have they risen most?

Property prices in Spain – rise, fall or stabilize? Latest data as of August 2021
The square metre of second-hand housing in Spain on average is priced at 1,890 euros, which is 0.7% more than a year ago. Flats have become more expensive in 11 autonomous communities, 31 provinces and in five out of ten Spanish cities.

Although in August prices have slightly fallen compared to July (-0,2%) they are up 0.7% for the year, which is their first rise after 11 consecutive months of falls, according to the latest Fotocasa Real Estate Index.
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These data are a sign that property prices are beginning a cycle of moderation brought about by a slowing demand. We detected a slight upturn in the price increase in August, which can be explained by the end of the summer period. "It will probably continue with a downward trend and will stabilise in the coming months," said María Matos, Director of Research and Spokesperson for the Fotocasa.

The largest increases have occurred in 11 autonomous communities: La Rioja (2.0%), Aragon (1.0%), Balearic Islands (0.9%), Cantabria (0.5%), Madrid (0.3%), Navarra (0.3%), Castilla y Leon (0.3%), Andalusia (0.2%), Extremadura (0.2%), Asturias (0.1%) and Valencia (0.1%).

The communities with reverse trends are Murcia (-0.7%), the Basque Country (-0.4%), Castilla-La Mancha (-0.4%), the Canary Islands (-0.3%), Catalonia (-0.2%) and Galicia (-0.1%).

Where is the most expensive second-hand housing?

Where is the most expensive second-hand home in Spain are located
Where is the most expensive second-hand home in Spain are located
The most expensive second-hand housing in Spain is located in Madrid and the Basque Country, with prices of 3,128 euros/m2 and 2,872 euros/m2, respectively.

They are followed by the Balearic Islands with 2,870 euros/m2, Catalonia with 2,538 euros/m2, the Canary Islands with 1,776 euros/m2, Cantabria with 1,752 euros/m2, Andalusia with 1,687 euros/m2, Navarre with 1,624 euros/m2, Galicia with 1,611 euros/m2, Aragon with 1. 606 euros/m2, Asturias with 1,586 euros/m2, La Rioja with 1,469 euros/m2, Castilla y León with 1,444 euros/m2, Comunidad Valenciana with 1,426 euros/m2, Extremadura with 1,150 euros/m2, Castilla-La Mancha with 1,120 euros/m2 and Murcia with 1,117 euros/m2.

The provinces with the highest price increases

The report points out that the price rises in 62% of the 50 provinces, especially in Huesca (3.0%), Soria (2.1%), La Rioja (2.0%), Ávila (1.6%), Cuenca (1.5%), Guadalajara (1.0%), Tarragona (1.0%), Zaragoza (1.0%), Huelva (0.9%) and the Balearic Islands (0.9%).

On the other hand, the top ten monthly decreases are witnessed in Seville (-1.6%), Gipuzkoa (-1.2%), Teruel (-1.1%), Zamora (-1.0%), Las Palmas (-0.8%), Murcia (-0.7%), Albacete (-0.6%), Cadiz (-0.6%), Castellon (-0.6%) and Granada (-0.4%).

In terms of prices, Gipuzkoa is the most expensive province with 3,157 euros/m2, followed by Madrid (3,128 euros/m2) and Barcelona (2,972 euros/m2), among others. On the other hand, the province with a price per square metre below 1,000 euros is Ciudad Real with 980

Provincial capitals

evolution of housing prices in the capitals of the Spanish provinces in august 2021
Evolution of housing prices in the capitals of the Spanish provinces , Page 1
In 25 of the 50 provincial capitals (50%) with monthly variation, the price has increased in August compared to the previous month. The ten largest monthly increases correspond to the following cities: Cuenca capital (6.0%), Huesca capital (1.7%), Soria capital (1.7%), Pamplona / Iruña (1.6%), Málaga capital (1.4%), Guadalajara capital (1.0%), Valencia capital (1.0%), Santander (0.9%), Donostia - San Sebastián (0.9%) and Ciudad Real capital (0.8%).

On the other hand, the ten capitals with the greatest decreases were Teruel (-2.1%), Lugo (-1.7%), Seville (-1.6%), Toledo (-1.3%), Granada (-1.3%), Zamora (-0.8%), Castellón de la Plana (-0.7%), Almería (-0.7%), Segovia (-0.6%) and Huelva (-0.5%).
evolution of housing prices in the capitals of the Spanish provinces in august 2021
Evolution of housing prices in the capitals of the Spanish provinces , Page 2
In terms of prices, the most expensive provincial capital is San Sebastian with 5,585 euros/m2, followed by Barcelona city (4,372 euros/m2), Madrid city (3,899 euros/m2), Bilbao (3,353 euros/m2), Palma de Mallorca (3,119 euros/m2), Vitoria - Gasteiz (2,645 euros/m2), Cadiz city (2,528 euros/m2) and Pamplona (2,518 euros/m2). On the other hand, the cheapest provincial capital is Ávila with 1,156 euros per square meter.


The average price of second-hand housing rises in half of the 711 municipalities with monthly variation. Four municipalities have increased the monthly value of housing by more than 10%: Fuente Álamo de Murcia (Murcia) with 14.6%, L'Alcúdia de Crespins (Valencia) with 12.6%, Chilches (Castellón) with 12.4% and Albelda de Iregua (La Rioja) with 10.2%. On the other hand, the municipality with the greatest decrease is located in the Balearic Islands – Es Mercadal with -9.4%.

As for the price per square metre in August, the top with most expensive cities looks as follows: San Sebastian with 5,585 euros/m2, followed by Ibiza, with 5,062 euros/m2. The most affordable municipality is Manuel in Valencia, with a price of 583 euros per square metre.

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