How to sell property remotely without travelling to Spain

How to sell housing in Spain when you can not be there? The service of legally safe sale of vacation homes from 490 euros. Guide for owners of Spanish property.
Thеsе days specialists from various areas face the new changes that the COVID-19 pandemic has brоught to the world. In the current "new reality", specific rules and restrictions come into play, and we have to adapt to them. Business has to be done in a new way too. It concerns the real estate market, and especially the foreign ones, as the borders of many countries are still closed, or quarantine upon arrival is required.Thanks to the development of IT solutions, the selling of housing can be done remotely. Today you have the opportunity to sell your Spanish hоme without leaving your country. Besides, this method involves minimal cоsts: from €490 per transaction.

VirtoProperty agents have already made several remote sales, and now we are ready to share our experience with clients and offer our new service. In this article, we talk about how to sell housing in Spain during the pandemic.
Distance selling with Virtoproperty

1. What should a seller do to sell remotely?

For a remote transaction, you need to make specific preparations and collect some papers. Below we present a plan to do everything required as quickly as possible:

  • Send us a request via a form below.

  • Provide us copies of documents confirming the ownership, plus a copy of your passport.

  • Sign a contract with our agency, indicating the cost of your property. Our specialists will help you to evaluate the property and set the "right" price based on the seller's strategy (quick sale, the most profitable deal, etc.).

  • Send us the keys via a reliable delivery service (DHL, etc.).

  • Issue a Power of Attorney for Sale. This can be done in two ways, depending on the requirements of the Spanish notary who will carry out the transaction. The first option – at the Spanish consulate of your country of residence. The second option – at the notary in the country of residence. In this case, you will need to put an apostille on a power of attorney and send it to Spain, after which the document will be translated into Spanish by a sworn translator (traductor jurado).

  • After the transaction, you will receive the money on your current bank account.

2. What is required from the real estate agency?

After the seller has done all the necessary preparations, the specialists of the real estate agents start their work. In the post quarantine reality, the work of real estate agents in Spain is subject to COVID safety measures: viewing is allowed only with masks and social distance, in some regions, there are restrictions on time and types of properties. Despite this, work continues. VirtoProperty agents already have gained experience of sales in the "new reality" conditions.

What will the real estate agency do to sell your property?

  • Prepare your property for sale: order cleaning and a professional photographer to take photos and videos.
  • Place ads in as many sales channels as possible (,,, fotocasa, pisos, social networks, etc.).
  • Look for potential buyers and organize viewings. For remote buyers, there is an option of an online tour.
  • Draw up a reserve agreement and arrange documents for the future transaction.
  • Sign the deed of sale at a notary in Spain based on a power of attorney and make sure you have received the money on your bank account.

3. Advantages of remote selling with VirtoProperty

  • Possibility to perform a transaction remotely.
  • Low arrangement fee – the cost of services for processing the remote transaction starts from €490*. It is cheaper than to come to Spain and sell your home in person.
  • Safety guaranteed – access to the keys is always under control.
  • Free professional photos and videos – chances of a quick and successful sale are significantly increased with a professional approach.
  • Maximum ad coverage – your property will be advertised in front of a broad audience of property portals like,, Idealista, Fotocasa, Pisos and others (more than 7500 potential views of the ad per month!). Click here to learn examples of advertisements in Idealista and here to see the purchase statistics.
  • Security and transparency – experienced lawyers will perform all the necessary legal checks of the transaction from start to end. Our office in Alicante.
*Excluding commission (from €2000). This service is available only for properties located in the province of Alicante, Spain.

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