The most expensive villas in Spain

Where are the most expensive villas in Spain located? How much do they cost? Discover luxurious Spanish real estate in this article!
83% of the users consulted by Idealista recognise that they have browsed advertisements for luxury real estate just for the pleasure of imagining themselves living in that setting.

A report by Idealista lists the most expensive properties in each autonomous community, currently for sale on this real estate portal. The list has two obvious leaders: the Costa del Sol and the Balearic Islands.

The top most expensive villas in Spain are in Andalusia, Marbella, with 1,623 square metres and 18,500,000 euros; Andalusia Benahavís, with 2,335 m2 and 17,500,000 euros; the Balearic Islands, Calvia, for 16,800,000 832 euros; the Balearic Islands, Andratx, with 1,070 m2 and 16,800,000 euros, and another house in the Balearic Islands, Calvià, with 1,250 m2 and 16,500,000 euros.

The most expensive home in each autonomous community

The report also compiles the most expensive houses for sale by the autonomous communities. With prices ranging, excluding the aforementioned homes in the Balearic Islands and Costa del Sol, from 15 million euros for this fairytale castle in Condado de Castilnovo, with an area of almost 6,000 square metres, to the "cheapest" on the list, in Pamplona, Navarra, which with 1,353 metres is on sale for 3,600,000 euros, and another in Lardero, in La Rioja, which with 380 square metres costs 1,850,000 euros.

The Sepúlveda castle is closely followed by a house in the La Moraleja urbanisation, on the outskirts of Madrid, a detached villa of 1,500 square metres with incredible views and in the best area of the exclusive community. On sale for 14 million euros.

The most expensive property in Madrid is in La Moraleja.

For the same price as the chalet in La Moraleja you can find this other mansion with double staircase entrance in Sarriá, Barcelona with a similar surface area. And for a little less (12,500,000 euros) the other avant-garde villa in Jávea, Alicante, with 1,800 square metres.

The homes for sale in the fertile town of Jarandilla De la Vera in Cáceres, sheltered by the Sierra de Gredos, with 850 square metres on a plot of 8.5 hectares with crops, fruit trees and natural ponds, are a little less expensive and cost four million euros

The most exclusive house in Aragón is in the best residential area of Casablanca in Zaragoza, with a price of 2.5 million. In San Sebastián you can find another country house of 500 square metres for six million, on an estate of 10,645 square metres with apple trees, holly trees and an orchard.

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