Luxury Villas in Spain — two exclusive complexes on different poles of Spain

An overview of two luxury villas with sales starting in 2021. See photos and videos of the construction, and learn features of each project.
Spanish villas are traditionally popular among buyers from all over the world. Our catalogue offers thousands of villas for sale for various budgets. The listings always include an unusual property or a luxurious option at a reasonable price. Today, we want to introduce two spanish luxury villas currently under construction (from €5000/m²) located in two different poles of Spain. One is in Marbella, the 'Spanish Las Vegas', the heart of Andalucía and the southern coast of Spain, with views of Gibraltar and the northern coast of Africa. The other one is located in the Catalan town of Begur, the north-east of the country, in the province of Girona and an hour's drive from France, where it's cooler and more tranquil.

In other words, both properties share a high quality of construction and standard of living, while located in completely different regions. Cоntinue reading to find out more!

1. Mansions de Banús

To bеgin with, we would like to present to you the Mansions de Banús complex currently under construction in Marbella. This city is the capital of glamorous life and one of the most expensive places in Spain.
Puerto Banus
Puerto Banús is 4 kilometres from Marbella, with the famous "Golden Mile" running between the two towns.
As the Spanish philosopher José Ortega y Gasset wrote, the Spanish south, just like its people, is full of peace, tenderness and relaxation. All these characteristics, multiplied by the high standard of living and service in Marbella, make it an ideal place to live and vacay for those who can afford it.
Project of a complex
Project of a complex under construction
This development will comprise eight villas which are described by the developer as a "premium architectural complex" offering gated community, beautiful gardens and sea views within walking distance from the world-famous Puerto Banús. All villas are carefully located to maintain maximum privacy. The estate is secured 24 hours a day and all year round, which is important for owners who are away for long periods or who use their property seasonally. Residents of the urbanisation enjoy a high level of comfort combined with the perfect location, security and privacy of one of the most prestigious locations in Europe with the unbeatable charm and unhurried lifestyle of the Spanish south.
Villas size is from 1000m², plots – from 2000m² and approximately 500m² for outdoor and indoor terraces. Incidentally, in Spain it is difficult to find private detached villas with a decent size of land in the coastal zone. Such large plots are common for villas in the mountains, the countryside, or a finca or masia built for growing fruit or other crops. So a 2000m² plot in such a prestigious location by the sea is an unbeatable advantage of the complex.
The developer is positioning Banus Mansion as a property for rest and relaxation, so particular attention has been paid to the corresponding infrastructure. There are spacious roof terraces, and each villa has its own spa area (sauna, hammam, indoor swimming pool), lounge areas and gym. An elevator connects the underground car park to the two floors of the villa.
Project of luxury villa
The houses inMansions de Banus retain the features of a classic Mediterranean villa with its proportions, galleries, patios and terraces. Panoramic windows, glass doors and balustrades are widely present here, providing light during the day and spectacular views at night. Spacious living areas, bedrooms, terraces, barbecue area, wine bar, dining areas, and viewpoints – each villa has all the facilities required for a family holiday or a decent private life. In the basement (400m²) the owner may order to design a home theater or cellar. All these advantages are emphasized by the use of modern technology. The villa is designed to let nature into the house at the push of a button, creating a living space in the open air.

The shape of the terraces, the nature and style of the plot, the position of the pool and other details of the exterior and interior vary, so the potential owner can choose the most suitable option for him or her. Prices for villas in this complex start from €5,530,000.
Beach in the area
Marbella and Puerto Banús are famous for their beach and nightlife, amongst other advantages
The centre of Puerto Banús and the port itself can be reached on foot in 10 minutes. Marbella and Puerto Banús attract elites from all over the world, so neighbouring a famous soccer player or Hollywood star is common here.
Restaurant in Marbella's Old Town
Restaurant in Marbella's Old Town
Here you have everything you need for a fulfilling life. The beaches, top quality restaurants and bars (many Michelin starred options), nightclubs, boutiques, international schools and medical centres are all within easy reach. Enjoy the benefits of southern Spanish hospitality and the 'happy Andalusian' mentality that no other can offer. The nearbyMansions de Banus has some of Spain's best golf courses, riding schools, tennis clubs, as well as Puerto Banús famous marina.

As for now (July 2021), the villas are at the final stages of construction. There are several options left to choose from. The interior decoration will be done by the developer individually for each owner according to the chosen design.

2. Greenery, hills and beach: Villas de Begur

Let's leave the hot Andalusia behind and fly north-east to the far more businesslike and politically active Catalonia. Here we find Villas de Begur, a premium village on the Costa Brava in the province of Girona, near the town of Begur.
This is a popular area and a picturesque corner of nature: a modern residential complex nestled on a hill above a quiet bay surrounded by centuries-old pine forests. The villas are built on the coastal slopes of Sa Riera bay and boast sea views. Unlike arid Andalusia, the climate here is more mild and this place bathes in greenery. In fact, the water on the Costa Brava can be even a little warmer than in the Andalusian Costa del Sol.

People are said to be more active and ambitious in northern Spain, especially in Barcelona, Girona and other major cities. Spaniards love travelling to this area all year round, not just during the season: tourists often come to Begur in spring, before the high season even starts, to stroll through narrow Catalan streets and Salvador Dali sites and enjoy a glass of wine in cosy local bars. Not without reason the legendary flamenco dancer Carmen Amaya fell in love with the neighbourhood of Begur and moved here to live. Yes, the flamenco dance that is so popular in Andalusia, has its roots here.
Luxury villas on the hill
The first phase consists of five villas
In total there will be 17 villas in the gated community ofVillas de Begur, one of the largest projects in this category on the Costa Brava. The first phase of five villas, two of which have already been sold and three are on the market, are now being completed (they will be delivered in late 2021), followed by the second phase, which will be completed in the second half of 2022.
Luxury villas on the hill
Because of the complexity of the rocky terrain, the developer spent about two years preparing the site for the construction. This approach made it possible to provide outstanding views. Hence another "feature" of the complex – the basements, literally hollowed out in the rock. It is a large open space that can be designed as desired (gym, home theatre, wine cellar, etc.).
All the houses are built in the same style and concept, with a modern design, but with reference to the historic buildings of Catalonia - a combination of modern shapes, large windows and exterior finishes typical of the Costa Brava. There are also some variations in size, finishes and layouts so that the buyer can tailor the villa to her/his needs. Villas range in size from 295m² to 327m², plots from 540m² to 750m². Price starts from €1,965,000. The villas in the next phase will be built at the foot of the hill, at a lower level.

There is a demo villa with a pool and fully decorated grounds. There you can get acquainted with the village, admire the views, take a closer look at the premises, imagine yourself in your new home, see the flooring, the wiring, the finishes, etc. For every villa for sale, there is a budget within which the developer is willing to make adjustments at no extra cost. For example, changing appliances or flooring (tiles or wood), furniture, decorations, etc. The future owner also has the option of making adjustments over and above the basic budget, choosing more expensive appliances or specific equipment, changing materials and fittings by paying the difference.
Luxury villas on the hill
Villas de Begur are suitable for both summer and permanent residences. Enjoying the privacy of a private villa in a unique location, you'll appreciate the benefits of luxury living. Villas de Begur are secured 24 hours a day, the village has a landscaped promenade and facilities for beach and sports activities. The value of all of the above is underlined by its prime location in a unique corner of Girona province, a highly sought-after part of the Costa Brava.
The property is just 350 metres from the sea. The villas are located on a hill, but the developer has thought about the comfort of future owners. One of the interesting features is the possibility of calling a shuttle service to the beach via a mobile app. It is planned that the shuttles will drive to the beach about once an hour, so that the residents can afford a glass of wine by the sea.
Cala Aiguablava Cove in Begur
Cala Aiguablava Cove in Begur
This is a truly unique place in the north-east of Catalonia. You fall in love with it at first sight – plenty of greenery, beautiful rocky shores and white sand. It definitely suits the lovers of a calm lifestyle without the rush and bustle. Within a short drive you will find all the necessary infrastructure for living, recreation, sports, entertainment and cultural activities. This also makes it possible to live all year round, as you will never get bored. The provincial capital of Girona and its international airport are only an hour away. The border with France and its pretty coastal towns is also an hour and a half drive. Feel like going skiing in the mountains? A couple of hours and you're there! A great place to live in comfort and tranquillity with a chance to explore the world in Catalan chic.
Buying a new home in Spain has always been considered a better investment than buying a second-hand property. With the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic this trend has only accelerated: it is expected that in the next few years the local market could face a shortage of new housing due to the reduction of issued construction licenses. At the same time, the demand for new complexes remains consistently high and the cost of work has risen, which will soon have an impact on the price. That is why we recommend our clients to think about buying at the start of sales of a particular urbanisation, while it is still under construction. This way you get a lower price, wide choice, an opportunity to get a hire purchase and a chance to change the layout or finishes of the property to your liking. Do not forget that the possession of real estate in Spain is the basis for obtaining a residence permit in the country, and therefore – permission to enter via closed borders.
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