How good sex and siesta increase Span Life Expectancy

7 factors of Spanish long life. Spaniards spend a lot of time in the sun, drink wine, and have a higher life expectancy than other Europeans. What’s the secret?
Moving to Spain for retirement is a decision made by more and more Europeans. And this is not only due to it being a cheaper place to live than many other countries.

One of the main motives to change the country is the following: retirees in Spain live longer and happier.
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According to the Washington Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation, Spain will be in first place in the world in terms of expectancy and quality of life by 2040 and this age will be 85.8.

Now without the Spanish health care system! Which is confirmed by a Bloomberg study – it has ranked 169 countries worldwide and Spain tops the Global Health Index scale.
Life expectancy at birth in Spain
If we look at the habits and lifestyles of the Spanish people, we can understand why they are a healthy nation. Here are 7 factors that make Spaniards live long and fulfilled lives.
7 Habits for a Long & Healthy Life

1. Movement is life "Motus vita est". Choosing to walk

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"El paseo" is a walk in Spanish.

Walking is the main type of physical activity for Spaniards. And the benefits of walking are confirmed by medical studies.

According to statistics, 76% of Spaniards take walks of 15 minutes or more at least four days a week. 37% of the working population walks or rides a bicycle to work every day without using public transportation or a private car. However, Spaniards are not fans of gyms; according to statistics, the number of Spaniards who regularly exercise is much lower than in other European countries.

  • Tip: Get into the habit of walking.

2. Mediterranean diet

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The Mediterranean diet is quite often listed as a factor in both life expectancy and reducing cardiovascular disease. The Spanish diet is an endless combination of fish, fruits, fresh vegetables, nuts and legumes, generously accompanied by olive oil. And meat and meat products often act as delicacies, even the famous jamón is not eaten by the kilos, but enjoy the finest cuts.

Spaniards cook a lot at home and avoid fast food.

The habit of cooking at home yourself is also important; only 20% of Spaniards more or less regularly buy ready-made products. Most prefer to spend their time at the stove cooking by themselves.
Often couples cook dinner together, which has a positive effect on the climate in the family and strengthens relationships.

Another factor in Spanish longevity is the culture of drinking. It seems that Spaniards drink all the time, but in fact, according to statistics, pure alcohol per capita in Spain is drunk less: 8.6 liters. By comparison, this figure in the United Kingdom is 9.6 liters. Spaniards drink less strong drinks with liquor oils, giving preference to local wine.

And alcohol for Spaniards is an excuse to have a good time in the company of friends, share news and worries. This habit among Spaniards is a substitute for sessions with a psychologist.

  • Tip: Get into the habit of making your own dinners at home.

3. Work a lot, but with pleasure

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Many who have been to Spain as tourists, there is an impression that half of the population doesn't work, and just lives for pleasure. But this is not true: Spaniards work an average of 1,687 hours per year, 331 hours more than in Germany, 173 hours more than in France and 117 hours more than in Switzerland. Often the working day in the office ends at 8 p.m. But even at the end of work or when going out for a break, colleagues continue to socialize.

According to medics, a long working day with breaks has a positive effect on health, because these breaks give a chance to relax, and the limited amount of time at work in a period of high concentration does not squeeze out all the juices. Conversations with colleagues during a "break" are not a waste of time, in fact, a cup of coffee at work improves performance, which is why in such a highly organized country like Sweden, adopted the Spanish habit of drinking coffee with colleagues, there is its own culture of "fika" (Swedish coffee break). And by the way, Spaniards work more than Swedes on average 96 hours.

  • Tip: learn to communicate with colleagues as with friends and solve complicated issues over lunch.

4. Siesta - enjoying life

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If you've read the previous point, you know that breaks are sacred for Spaniards. The siesta culture, caused by both climate and lifestyle, is still observed by many today.

According to statistics, 18% of workers use siesta time to sleep during the day. The rest enjoy their lives, go to lunch, run errands or just take a leisurely stroll. By the way, the Spanish Society of Primary Care Physicians recommends allocating only 26 minutes a day, but regularly, for "doing nothing," these minutes improve memory and cognitive abilities, lift your mood and keep your heart healthy.

  • Tip: Add breaks to your work schedule at least a couple of times a week.

5. Quality sex

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According to, which surveyed 15,000 women from around the world, Spanish men have earned the honorary title of best lovers. Is this true? Statistics confirm, according to surveys, Spanish women have sex an average of 2.5 times a week, while the European average for women is 1.7 times a week.

Meanwhile, the average age of sexual relations in Spain, with its Catholic traditions, is quite high by modern standards – 19 years old, but they finish late. Other nations cannot boast of this: sex after sixty in Spain is not just the norm, but an everyday occurrence.

By the way, the Spaniards conducted studies showing that regular sex at a mature age reduces the risk of brain and heart disease, as well as type 2 diabetes, while not having sex can lead to the occurrence of these conditions.

  • Tip: Watching your health and having sex with pleasure.

6. Tapas - the secret weapon of longevity

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Consuming too many calories in today's world is one of the factors that lead to obesity and problems with the heart, blood vessels, joints and so on.

The Spanish habit of eating snacks for dinner helps reduce the total calories consumed in a day. It only seems that Spaniards sit at the table all the time and eat continuously, in fact they consume far fewer calories than the British or Americans.

The habit of gathering around the table as a family or having dinner with friends surprisingly limits the Spanish diet. Conversation, news and opinions are exchanged, and food remains a pleasant bonus.

  • Tip: Develop the habit of eating less, communicating more.

7. Talk a lot and show emotion

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Spanish people are very sociable. It's very common for Spanish people to express their emotions openly, and this helps them to avoid certain psychological problems, leading to depression and a decrease in the quality of life. But the Spaniards have another secret weapon in the fight for quality of life.

A study by Prof. Peter Dodds of the University of Vermont found it: the Spanish language.
The researchers analyzed 100,000 words in 10 of the world's most common languages and found that Spanish used more positive words, such as "love" and "laughter," than any other language, which put people in a better mood. Negative words such as "sad" and "crying," on the other hand, are less common than in other world languages.

  • Tip: Learning Spanish and communicating with friends.
Learn Spanish habits and incorporate them into your routine. Move to Spain upon your retirement. It offers everything you may need for a happy life: the sea, the sun, and a positive environment.
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