The Valencian property at its heights: 3X increase in transaction compared to the rest of Spain

The transactions in the Valencian Community increased much more than the average in Spain if we compare October 2019, 2020 and October 2021
The Association of Registrars, discussing the October 2021 data, compares the figures with both last year and 2019 – in both cases the transactions in the community increase much more than the average in Spain. The sale and purchase of all types of property in the region grew by 31% compared to October last year. This is 11% higher than the national average, which was 19.7%.

From 8,953 registered transactions in October 2020, this number rose to 11,729.
Square of Saint Mary's and Valencia Cathedral Temple in old town, Spain
Square of Saint Mary's and Valencia Cathedral Temple in old town, Spain
Given that in October 2020 real estate activity was affected by the lockdown, the comparison with October 2019 (the year before the pandemic) shows a more moderate growth of 15.8%, which represents three times the national average, with an increase of 5.9%.


If we stick to the transactions carried out on housing, during October of this year and in relation to October 2020, the sale and purchase of them in the Valencian Community grew at a rate of 35.1%, going from 4,570 to 6,176, distributed as follows: Alicante 2,848, Castellón 707 and Valencia 2,621. In relation to October 2019, the growth was at 16.7%, rising from 5,292 to 6,176 operations.

The total data place the Valencian Community in third place in number of operations behind Andalusia (15,407) and Catalonia (12,759), surpassing the community of Madrid by almost two thousand operations. With respect to October 2020, all the autonomous regions show increases. Across Spain, 86,139 property sales and purchases were registered in October, according to data released today in Madrid by the National Association of Property and Mercantile Registrars.


The request for mortgages during the month of October was high: the number of total mortgages constituted in Comunidad Valenciana presents a growth of 49.4% in relation to October 2019 and 57.9% if we compare it with the same period last year.

In either case, the growth more than doubled that recorded in Spain as a whole, with fourteen regions in positive trend and another four in negative trend.

In total numbers (5,890 operations), the Valencian Community is fourth after Andalusia, Catalonia and Madrid. In Spain they went from 36,147 mortgages on all types of property (October 2020) to 45,695 in October 2021.

In reference to mortgages exclusively on housing, the Valencian Community recorded 4,156 operations compared to 2,815 in October 2019, which is 47.6% growth, and 2,624 in October 2020 – 58.4% growth.

Property on the Costa de Valencia
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