The price of new and used housing increased by 6.2% in January

Housing prices in the capitals and large cities of Spain have rebounded by 5.2% compared to January 2021, according to Tinsa.
The price of rented housing in Spain fell by 4.2% year-on-year, bringing its price to 10.19 /m2 per month in November. However, compared to the previous month, it rose by 1%.

This fact was derived from the data of the Fotocasa Real Estate Index, which also points out that this latest year-on-year value (-4.2%) is the tenth decline recorded since February 2021.
The property in Spain
The price of property in Spain rose by 6.2% in January 2022
The price of new and second-hand housing in Spain rose 6.2% year-on-year in January 2022, as reported by Tinsa last week.

Prices in capitals and large cities increased by 5.2% compared to the first month of 2021, while on the Mediterranean coast they rose by 6.2%. In addition, on the islands they increased by 7.3% and in metropolitan areas by 7%. In the remaining municipalities, i.e., in the smaller towns in the interior and on the Atlantic coast, they grew by 7.6%.

Compared to December of last year, the price of housing in our country rose by 0.7%. Specifically, in the capitals and large cities it increased by 0.9%; on the islands, by 0.6%; in the metropolitan areas, by 1.3%, and in the rest of the municipalities, by 0.9%. However, on the Mediterranean coast it fell by 0.1%.
The evolution of the house price in Spain in January 2022
The evolution of the residential market reflects that demand remains active across the country
"The evolution of the residential market reflects that demand remains active across the country," said Tinsa.

In this sense, Cristina Arias, director of the appraiser's Research Department, has assured that "the residential segment continues to attract buyers in a context of low interest rates that, in combination with the inflationary trends of the economy, maintain real estate as an attractive investment alternative".

Tinsa expects housing prices to continue to register moderate increases, as "supply is still not keeping pace with the growing demand".

"New construction continues to reactivate at a moderate speed," Arias said. "Growth is contained, in part, by the increase in construction costs, which continue to rise, driven by the price of raw materials, compared to a labor cost that, for the moment, has remained stable," he concluded.
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