Alicante Neighborhoods and Suburbs: best areas to live near Alicante

Knowing the best suburbs to live near Alicante — what are the good and bad ones? What do expats prefer and why? Property and living prices with examples
Recently we've published an article about Alicante areas; now it's time to explore the suburbs of this city. The suburbs of Alicante are attractive for homebuyers for several reasons: some want to live in a small village and enjoy the surrounding nature (while staying close to the infrastructure), others are looking for secluded beaches. Some buyers consider the suburbs because of affordable prices than in the city. Besides, from the northern and southern suburbs of Alicante, it is easier to get to Torrevieja and Benidorm.
El Campello's port
El Campello is a suburb of Alicante on the way to Villajoyosa and Benidorm
So, what are the best places to consider in this area? What kind of real estate can you find there? How much does it cost? If you are interested in answers – continue reading!

1. Santa Pola

Let's start our journey from Santa Pola, which is located behind the cape of the same name, 15 kilometres south of Alicante. You can get there by car via the N-332 road; travel time is around 20 minutes. There are several lakes where they mine salt, which makes the air in Santa Pola rich and healthy.
Salt lake in Santa Pola
Salt lakes in the north of Santa Pola (behind N-332 road)
Santa Pola is considered an inexpensive place in terms of real estate. On the seafront, there is mainly secondary housing, which the Spaniards use as a vacation destination for several months (or weeks) per year. It is five-storey buildings without elevators built in the 60s. One-bedroom apartments on the first or second lines of the sea can be purchased for €70,000. There is little infrastructure and entertainment, so we do not recommend Santa Pola for a year-round stay. But if you intend to spend a part of the high season in Spain, and then leave until the next summer, this suburb is a great option to consider. Among the attractions are Castillo Fortaleza de Santa Pola on Plaza Glorieta.
Castel in Santa Pola
Castillo Fortaleza in Santa Pola
We can say that this is a small resort, reviving during vacations, but "dead" in winter. There is a school in Santa Pola, Carrefour supermarket. Still, all year round, there are very few people, most of whom are owners and employees of local businesses. In the north, there are few neighbourhoods inhabited by the Gypsies and Moroccans, so there is a chance to bump into okupas.
Besides bargain property prices, there are other obvious advantages of this area. First, a beautiful beach line several kilometres long. Second – a local marina, where you can rent a boat for a trip to the Tabarca island. It will take you only half an hour from there, which is twice as fast as from Alicante.

2. Gran Alacant

On a hilltop between Santa Pola and the Gran Alacant, there is the Sierra y Cabo de Santa Pola protected area, where no housing is allowed. Administratively, Gran Alacant refers to Santa Pola. Still, locals see it as a separate zone, because it is an entirely different place. Also, the distance between settlements is about 5 kilometres.
Gran Alacant view
Gran Alacant is located on a hill
We can say that the Gran Alacant looks like a "union" of several residential communities. In contrast to Santa Pola, it is an exceptionally prestigious area. Most complexes are a few bungalows or townhouses, built around a large communal pool. Some complexes even have tennis courts. There are no high-rise buildings in Gran Alacant: because of the proximity to the protected area 5+ floor buildings are prohibited. A price tag of a new townhouse in Gran Alacant starts at €125,000.
Complexes with pool in Gran Alacant
New community in Gran Alacant
The main feature of the Gran Alacant is that it is located on elevated land. Because of this, you have to go down to the sea via the road that goes around the cliff. It takes about 20 minutes on foot and 5-8 minutes by car. Another way is to take a municipal "steam train", which drives around the suburbs all year round. At the same time, most properties offer a sea view, and the beach Playa Carabassi is worth visiting.
Playa Carabassi
Playa Carabassi
At the city entrance (closer to N-332 road) there is a commercial zone with shopping centres, supermarkets, pharmacies, restaurants and banks. There is also a school in Gran Alacant. In winter, this place calms down, but continues to live, so Gran Alacant is suitable for both summer holidays and permanent residency. If you like bungalows and townhouses with sea views, it is worth taking a closer look at the Gran Alacant. It is not without reason that this place is admired by Europeans, mostly the British, Germans and Scandinavians. Even the names of local streets refer to foreigners living there: Avenida Escandinavia, Avenida Noruega, Carrer de Belgica and others.

3. Arenales Del Sol

The next suburb to be discussed is called Arenales del Sol. It is located next to Gran Alacant, along the sandy beach of Playa Arenales del Sol (by the Carabassi beach). It also has a different postal code and is administratively related to Elche (Elche is located 20 km inland).
Complex with pool in Arenales del Sol
Arenales del Sol
In contrast to Gran Alacant, it is allowed to build tall houses there. This factor, coupled with the proximity of the airport, makes Arenales del Sol promising from the investment point: the area is actively developing, there are various types of properties, many of them offer panoramic sea views. A lot of new communities appear along Costa Blanca Avenue.

A one-bedroom apartment in Arenales del Sol costs €100,000 to €150,000. On the first lines of the sea is a secondary housing built around 1995, followed by new properties. The price depends on the residential complex and the presence or absence of a sea view.

As for luxury real estate, the building called Infinity View is an attractive option. It is a residential complex, built in the form of a ship and decorated in marine style.
 Terrace and sea view
View from the terrace of Infinity View complex
Arenales del Sol hibernates for the winter. There are several high cuisine restaurants in the area, but almost all of them work exclusively in the summer season. The fact is that there are practically no Spaniards. Real estate there is owned by Europeans who prefer to spend the summer in Spain.

It is worth noting that the area of Gran Alacant and Arenales del Sol is considered much more prestigious than Santa Pola. Not only because of its proximity to Alicante, but also because of the variety of real estate and residents.
Beach in Arenales del Sol
Beach in Arenales del Sol

4. Urbanova

Urbanova on the map
Urbanova is located close to the airport. Google.Maps screenshots
The residents of Gran Alacant and Arenales del Sol, although these places are near the airport, do not hear any noise. But those residing in Urbanova do. The area is located above the air corridor, which is used by the landing or departing planes from/to the Alicante airport.
Urbanova and the Airport of Alicante.
Urbanova. Google.Map screenshot. In the background you can see the Airport of Alicante
Urbanova is not an independent settlement, but rather a large residential complex on the seashore. Administratively, it is a part of Alicante, its remote residential area. Urbanova is a few dozen apartments built "in the middle of the field". There is little infrastructure, so for most of the services, you have to travel to Alicante. Like the previous areas, Urbanova has a spacious sandy beach.
Beach of Urbanova
Beach of Urbanova
Prices are similar to those in Arenales: a 2-bedroom apartment on the first or second sealine costs around €160,000. The view of the sea and the island of Tabarca included!

If you have a car and you are not annoyed by aeroplanes flying back and forth, then Urbanova is an excellent option for living near Alicante. This place is popular among former residents of Alicante, who decided to get away from the big city.

5. San Vicente del Raspeig

Now let's move to the north of Alicante, or rather the town of San Vicente del Raspeig, which is literally 'across the street' (of the A-70 highway) and merges with Alicante into a single agglomeration. The main attraction of this place is the University of Alicante, with about 30,000 students every year.
University of Alicante campus​
University of Alicante campus
In addition to the university campus, there are some Outlet stores Alicante, which attracts many people for shopping. San Vicente del Raspeig has a free bike rental system called Bicisanvi. You can quickly get to the centre of Alicante by public transport.
However, the town cannot be called a purely student place. The permanent population of San Vicente del Raspeig is over 40,000. It has a large offer of apartments for rent to students and teachers. 2-bedroom apartments in new buildings cost around €120,000.
City view
San Vicente del Raspeig

6. El Campello

El Campello's on the map
El Campello stretches along the beach and the road to Villajoyosa
As you know, in the north-east of Alicante there is Playa San Juan, which is a long (8 km) and wide sandy beach, one of the best on the entire Costa Blanca. About 3 kilometres of its territory belongs to Alicante, and the rest belongs to the suburb of Alicante called El Campello. Locals call this part of the beach "Playa Muchavista".

The southern part of the city is a tourist area, crowded in summer and quiet in winter. Among the exciting points of attraction is the prestigious French lyceum, where foreign home buyers and emigrants send their children. The average price of secondary apartments (three bedrooms) is €250,000.
Beach and sea in the area
Playa Muchavista in El Campello
The El Campello centre is alive all year round. The area is suitable for both seasonal holidays and permanent residence. Also, thanks to tourism, the centre of this suburb can be safely recommended as a promising area for real estate investment.
Center of the city
The town hall is happy to issue tourist licences to local property owners, and it is not difficult to find tenants. Most often, tourists are looking for an apartment for 6 (so that they can accommodate a group of friends or several couples). Apartments with two bedrooms and a convertible sofa in the third room are best suited for this purpose. You can buy this type of property (built since the 80s) located on 2-3 lines of the beach in a community with a swimming pool for €200,000. A week of renting such an apartment in May and June will bring the owner €500, in July – €700, in August – about €1000.
Bay in the north of the city
Northern part of El Campello is a bay and private villas
The northern part of El Campello is a mixture of sandy and stone coves, surrounded by private villas overlooking the sea. The average size villa built in the 90s here costs around €500,000.

7. Muchamiel

Finally, we should move a few kilometres west and say a few words about Mutxamel (Muchamiel). We recommend this place for those who plan to buy a villa. This area has not yet been "promoted" on a large scale, so you can make a good deal and purchase luxury Spanish real estate by the sea. A typical new villa with a plot and pool can be bought for €340,000. You will not find prices like this in Alicante or El Campello, where similar options start from €500,000.
Villa with pool
Villa with pool in Muchamiel
The Bonalba Golf community deserves special attention. This urbanization of townhouses and apartments is located near the famous Bonalba Hotel. It is designed for golf lovers...but not only! A picturesque place with small buildings, surrounded by stunning golf fields, located on a hilltop. On average, a small house with a lawn and swimming pool costs around €270,000.
Bonalba Golf
Bonalba Golf community

8. Property prices

To summarise all the above, here is a table with examples of property prices in the suburbs of Alicante.
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