Benidorm (Costa Blanca, Spain) Guide: Everything You Need to Know before Relocation

Tourists and home buyers guide in Benidorm, Costa Blanca, Spain: location, weather on water temperature. Best Beaches of Benidorm. Hotels, Shopping, Recreation. Benidorm Nightlife Survey. Property prices in Benidorm with examples.
— Province: Alicante
— Population: 67,558
— Area: 38.5 km²
— Elevation: 15 m
— Timezone: Central European Standard Time (GMT+1)
— Area code: +34

Benidorm is a popular resort city on the east coast of Spain. It's hard to believe that today's European Miami once was just a small fishing village. The skyscrapers, luxury villas, and vibrant nightlife - all of this makes Benidorm a stunning modern resort.

Over 50 years have passed since the beginning of the time Benidorm started to emerge as the most important tourist place of the Costa Blanca, and the city has changed a lot during this period. Now only some streets remind of the original appearance of the city, and the rest is a newly built world of impressive skyscrapers, hotels and shopping malls.
Best viewpoints: Mediterranean Balcony, 45th floor of the Gran Bali Hotel, Tossal de la Cala hill and La Cruz de Benidorm.
The view of Benidorm from the Mediterranean Balcony
Mediterranean Balcony

1. Benidorm Map & Location

Benidorm is located in the province of Alicante, on the Mediterranean coast. This resort town is located about 120 km south of Valencia and 40 km north of the city of Alicante. The entire coast is called the Costa Blanca.

You can get to Benidorm via AP-7 motorway or a national road N-332.

Nearest Airport to Benidorm

The closest airport is in Alicante, only 47 kilometres or 35-minute away from Benidorm. Alicante-Elche is the most important airport on the Costa Blanca and one of the busiest in Spain. In 2018, the airport welcomed 13,981,691 passengers.

It is easy to get to Alicante from Europe. There are direct flights from cities of Germany, France, Italy, Great Britain, Ireland and Russia. Today, Alicante-Elche airport is a hub for airlines such as Iberia, EasyJet and Ryanair, which means cheap tickets to and from numerous European cities.
Alicante-Elche Airport
Alicante-Elche Airport

Transfer from Alicante airport to Benidorm

Getting to Benidorm is not difficult. The cheapest way to get from Alicante airport to Benidorm is on an ALSA bus that depart from the airport. The cost of one trip is 9.8 euros and 18.6 both ways, travel time is up to 50 minutes. You can find ALSA counter in the arrivals area of the airport or buy a ticket online.

The only downside of the bus is that you have to adapt to its schedules and be attentive to the availability of seats. Normally it departs every hour, with the exception of the first one that leaves at 6:15 and the second one at 8:00 and then every hour (9, 10 ...) until 23:00.

The second option is to book a seat on the shuttle bus on the BeniConnect website. The cost of a trip on an economy class bus is 7.5 euros, while on the express it is 15 euros. If the first one travels for about 100 minutes with an unlimited number of stops along the way, the second will take you to Benidorm in 60 minutes with a couple of stops on the way. When booking a ticket, you should indicate the arrival time of your flight, so the bus will not leave if the flight is delayed.

If you prefer to get from the airport to your destination by taxi, then be ready to spare 70-80 euros per car, your journey will take about 35-40 minutes. The taxi service of the Alicante-Elche Airport is run by the company Radio Taxi Elche. The cars are white with a green line that crosses the car diagonally. At the exit of the airport, in the arrivals area, you will find the indications to go to the taxi zone, which is on the 0 floor of the airport.

Unfortunately, there are no trains from this airport.

Alicante airport offers an extensive car rental service. It is not hard to leave the airport to get to the parking lot where the rental companies are located. You only have to cross the terminal via an interior bridge that is connected to the parking lot. When you exit through the arrivals gate, look for the signs inside the terminal that indicate the car rental parking. The city of Benidorm and its surroundings is perfect for getting around by car, so if you choose to rent a car, we recommend you take a look at the price offer of the different companies using online services, for example

Benidorm city map

The city of Benidorm is divided into the old and new parts. The historical part of the city is represented by traditional Spanish narrow streets with houses built in 17-19th centuries. The new and modern part of Benidorm is full of multi-storey buildings and skyscrapers with shopping centers and supermarkets. This place is a paradise for shopping lovers and gastronomic entertainment: numerous restaurants and cafes are located right next to clothing stores and souvenir shops.

The main six-kilometer promenade of Benidorm stretches along the Poniente beach being the most popular and beautiful place for a walk. Here you will find the most expensive hotels, restaurants and nightclubs of Benidorm.

The nightlife of Benidorm attracts tourists from all over the Costa Blanca with its memorable clubs, exciting shows, noisy bars and other entertainment venues.

Benidorm old town

There are several traditional Spanish attractions in the historical part of Benidorm: the remains of the ancient Iberian settlement of Tossal de la Cala, the church of St. Jaime (Iglesia de San Jaime), the ruins of the observation tower of the 16th century Torre Morales Escalates.
The old city of Benidorm, or the Old Quarter of Benidorm (Parte Vieja), is perhaps one of the best places in Benidorm for walking, gastronomy and shopping. If you are tired of lying on the beach or listening to city noise, then the old quarter will be a perfect place for rest. It consists of low buildings in the traditional Spanish style, cozy squares, narrow streets, which offer numerous cafes, bars, restaurants and shops, as well as museums and historical monuments.

The old district is located on a picturesque cape extending into the Mediterranean Sea, in the very center of Benidorm, between two central beaches - Levante and Poniente, forming the central part of the coast in a bird-shape with wide wings.

The most visited historical sights of the old city of Benidorm are:

"Balcony of the Mediterranean" (Balcon del Mediterraneo). The Mediterranean balcony is an observation point with wonderful views of the Mediterranean Sea, the island of Benidorm, the coast and part of the city. A snow-white staircase leads to this balcony, passing along the slope of the cliff.
Mediterranean Balcony
Mediterranean Balcony
On the cliff itself, near the stairs leading to the Mediterranean Balcony, you will see the beautiful snow-white square of Castelar (Plaza de Castelar). There are balustrades, arches, observation points and places to relax. It is partially decorated with ornamental mosaics. In front of the stairs, in the very center of the square, you can see old cannons. Previously there was a fortress, nowadays only some guns and fragments of the walls serve as a reminder of the castle.

The main square is also Benidorm's most important religious monument - the parish church of St. James and St. Anne (Iglesia de San Jaime y Santa Ana). This beautiful snow-white temple with blue domes is truly the most beautiful buildings in old Benidorm. The main entrance is located on the eponymous square of San Jaime.

Senoria Square (Placa de la Senyoria) is another picturesque square of the Old Town. This square is the greenest one in Benidorm. There you can see a monument to those who died in the sea - Monumento a los muertos en la mar. Near the square you can see a wonderful walking area. From this point you can enjoy magnificent view of the most beautiful beaches of Benidorm - Mal Pas.

Another interesting place in Old Benidorm is Tapas Street. Tapas Street has an official name of Santo Domingo. It is the most important place in Benidorm. As you can probably guess, there you can find an enormous amount of tapas bars - they simply line up along the street, you just walk and choose what you like: tapas can be seen right in the windows of the bars. In addition to classic tapas and beer, these cafes also serve wine, cocktails, spirits, a variety of snacks and other dishes.

Needless to say, the Old City of Benidorm is beautiful and diverse place where everyone may find something to their taste. The best way to explore it is to combine sightseeing, lunch in a local cafe, dinner on tapas street and shopping... So much to do in this small old district.

Cities near Benidorm

Within a radius of 100 kilometers from Benidorm there are both many large cities and small resort places that you can visit for sightseeing and family vacation. Here is a list of the most popular cities from Costa de Valencia to Costa Calida and distances to them from Benidorm:

Murcia, capital of the province of Murcia — 105.9 km
Valencia, capital of the Valencian Community — 105.7 km
Alicante, capital of the province of Alicante — 37.3 km
Dénia, capital of the comarca Marina Alta — 39.5 km
Calpe — 19.3 km
Finestrat — 6.8 km
Villajoyosa — 9.5 km
Altea — 9.7 km
Javea — 57.3 km
Torrevieja — 78.3 km
Benissa — 25.1 km

2. Weather & temperature in Benidorm

The climate in Benidorm, like the entire Costa Blanca, is rather mild. In summer, the average temperature is not higher than +26 degrees, in winter it does not drop below +16 degrees. There is little rainfall during the year, and the sea is warm - you can safely swim until October.

Benidorm is a resort town by the beach, so if your goal is a beach holiday, then the best time to travel is the summer months or September. The hottest month is August, the air temperature is about 28-30 degrees, sometimes it rises up to 35 degrees, but this is rare, usually there is no suffocating heat. In July and June, it is also quite warm, the air usually warms up to 26-28 degrees. There is almost no rains, the maximum is one - two days a month, cloudy weather is also a rare occasion. Sightseeing during the high season is rather difficult, so you should plan it on cloudy days in order to avoid walking in the heat.

In September, the weather is usually quite nice, but still autumn comes and it starts to rain a little - up to two days a week can be rainy, especially in the second half of September. Air temperature is also decreasing, by the end of September it rarely rises above 26 degrees. So, September is the best time to relax with young children, especially its first half - the air temperature is slightly lower, the kid will not suffer from the heat, the sea is still warm, and the crowd is gone.

The winter months in Benidorm are also quite warm - the air temperature is on average from 15 to 20 degrees. Normally the weather is sunny or cloudy, rarely rainy.

Summing up, it is important to note the fact that Benidorm is primarily a resort city, so the main season falls on June-September. However, despite this, lovers of a quiet relaxing holiday can visit it in the winter and take a ride around neighboring towns and have a great sightseeing tour.

Average air temperature in Benidorm

Number of rainy days

Average sea temperature

Just like air, the warmest sea is in August: usually the temperature reaches 28 degrees! It is worth noting that in the beginning to mid-June, the water can still be not that warm - about 23 degrees, so you will have to avoid long-time swimming. In mid-September, the water slowly begins to cool down. All in all, the period from June to September is the best for a beach holiday!

Water temperature table by months. We would like to note that at the seashore the sea is warmer.

3. Hotels in Benidorm

Benidorm hotels offer more than 21 thousand rooms, while most of them are booked 6 months in advance. Benidorm is the third city in Spain, after Barcelona and Madrid, in terms of tourist accommodation offer.

The hotels are concentrated in two areas around the city's most popular beaches. The area of Levante is a place for youth with its bars and discos, while Poniente area is popular among family vacationers and its infrastructure is more about relaxation.

The average price offered for three-star accommodation is 75 EUR per night in summer, while that of the five-star hotels amounts to 230 EUR per night. In winter months you may see some deals for accommodation and stay in a 3-star hotel for 50 EUR per night or in 5-star for 120 EUR. Regarding the price in the summer months - the most expensive month is August, which refers to the so-called "high" season, while June and July may be a bit cheaper, but the cheapest month is September, prices are reduced by a third compared to August. This is not true for prices in restaurants, cafes and beaches - they usually stay the same.

5 stars hotels in Benidorm

Luxury hotels are not that popular in Benidorm, and overall on the Costa Blanca it is hard to find five-star hotels. In Benidorm and its remote areas you may choose one of four 5-star hotels. The cost of one night in these hotels is from 150 EUR in low season. Of course, the price depends not only on the season and day of the week, but also on the type of room. A suite or penthouse may cost several times more than a standard room. Here is the list of the 5-star hotels in Benidorm:

  1. Villa Venecia Hotel Boutique Gourmet
  2. Gran Hotel Villaitana Wellness Golf & Business Sun
  3. Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa, A Royal Hideaway Hotel
  4. Grand Luxor All Suites Hotel

The last two are located in the surroundings of Terra Mitica, while the two others are in central areas: on St. James's Square and Mayor Eduardo Zaplana street. The joint offer of these four big complexes amounts to 540 rooms.

Top 10 hotels

The offer of hotel accommodation in Benidorm consists of a total of 40 four-star hotels, 58 three-star, 23 with two and 6 of a one star.

Top 1-2 star-hotels:

  • Rosabel
  • Hotel Castillo Benidorm
  • Hotel Fetiche Alojamiento con Encanto

Top 3-star hotels:

  • Hotel Colón
  • Hotel Servigroup Venus
  • Hotel Roca-Mar
  • Hotel Nadal

Top 4-star hotels:

  • Riviera Beachotel Adults Only
  • Hotel Don Pancho Adults Only
  • Hotel Presidente

4. What to do on holidays in Benidorm

It is no secret that Spain is among the top countries with the amount of holidays and days off. Every month there is some traditional holiday which both locals and visitors can enjoy. Let's have a look at the Benidorm holidays and what to do on them.

JANUARY. In January, two magnificent religious holidays are held in Benidorm: The Three Kings and the Fiesta of Sant Antoni. In Spain, the arrival of The Three Kings is celebrated on January 5, and this is one of the main days for Christmas gifts, on this day a procession passes through the city to the church. In addition, the day of Sant Antoni is celebrated on January 17 with traditional blessing of animals and processions on the streets of the city.

FEBRUARY. The carnivals follow each other on the streets like a burst of joy: the funeral of the sardine is celebrated this month! Based on old mythology, it dies to give a new life, and therefore provides a good catch. This day is celebrated with music, festivities, carnival costumes and processions with huge papier-mâché fish that is burnt in the square under the moans and cries of inconsolable "widows" (usually men with a mustache).

MARCH. This month is very busy in terms of holidays. A one-day festival of a great scale takes place on March 16. On this day, the city celebrates the acquisition of the Virgen del Sufragio and its statue is carried through the streets. On the same day, the festival of St. Joseph (las Fallas) begins, but it runs until March 19. Due to the fact that Joseph was a carpenter, this holiday initially involved the creation of a stuffed tree, but then expanded to the huge papier-mache dolls that are carried around the city. They arrange fireworks, play live music, put on traditional costumes. If you can visit only one holiday of the year, this one will certainly be the most colorful, so worth visiting!

APRIL. Easter is a rather solemn event in Spain. During Easter, Spaniards go to church with their families; most people dress in black. Although the mood illuminates Easter, but in fact it is not quite a tourist holiday in its sense.

MAY. With over 200 years of history, the Fiesta de la Cruz is celebrated in a big way at the beginning of the month with parades and numerous concerts.

JUNE. To commemorate the Feast of St. Juan and the beginning of summer spaniards built and expose monuments that will be burnt on the 24th. The previous day locals go to the beaches of Levante and Poniente with Amulets for a party. In June, there are many holidays, they are held on different days each year. At this time, you can find many bonfires, dances and traditional carnivals in Benidorm. The Benidorm Song Festival is one of the busiest festivals of the month, sometimes continuing in July.

JULY. In July they commemorate the Virgen del Carmen on the 16th with a nautical procession; and on the 25th, St. James's Day patron of the city is celebrated with verbenas and dinner in the streets.

AUGUST. During summer months, there are huge open-air concerts and other musical events. This is the most popular tourist season in Benidorm, so you will find many things to do. Every August 16 San Roque has his big day with different acts on the street that bears his name.

SEPTEMBER. Autumn is a time for foods and drinks. Grapes and artichokes dominate on the tables. Holidays are also held in memory of the centuries-old battle between the Spaniards and the Moors with processions on the streets.

OCTOBER. At the beginning of the month the Moors and Christians festival follows with marches of timbales and parsnips with a splurge of gunpowder. On the 9th the Valencian Community Day is celebrated with a traditional market.

NOVEMBER. It is the official month of Benidorm, one of its major parties are held in honor of patrons of the city: the Virgin of Suffrage and Saint James the Apostle. During five days the city is tinged with an atmosphere of a tradition that goes back to 1740. The most important acts are a Cavalcade of Humor, parades, mascletás, flower offering and fireworks.

DECEMBER. Christmas begins early and ends late in Spain, so there is plenty of time to enjoy the holiday spirit around some attractions and inflatables for children, an ice rink and a Christmas market. In addition, there is no better way to say goodbye to the year than eating the grapes at the New Year party on the Levante beach.

Benidorm Market

Traditionally in local markets you can buy the freshest fruits, vegetables or even nice clothing for cheap. The markets in Benidorm are open on certain days of the week. All markets usually work from 8 am until 1 pm.

El pueblo
The location of the El Pueblo Market is in the Rincon de Loix area. It is a very popular place among tourists, especially from Norway, the Netherlands, Germany and the UK. Here you may buy both chinese magnets, as well as antiques and paintings by masters of Benidorm. Great variety of leather products: bags, belts, shoes and other stuff produced by local factories at extremely attractive prices. Here you can also purchase fresh fruits and vegetables. El Pueblo is located next to the Servigroup Pueblo Hotel. It is open on Wednesdays and Sundays.

The Foyetes market is as popular as the previous one. Foreign tourists usually do not visit it. The cost of products at Foyetes is cheaper than at other markets and in Benidorm outlets. There you will find farm products like bread, wine, fish, meat, fruits and vegetables. In addition, the Foyetes counters are filled with cheap clothes and souvenirs. It is open only on Wednesdays.

El Cisne
In this flea market you can discover some antique items at a rather attractive price - furniture, coins, paintings, etc. Market visitors can also relax in the local cafe, where you can try local tapas and listen to jazz music. El Cisne is located next to Benisol Camping on the N-332 motorway towards Alfaz del Pi. It works on Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays.

Theme Parks

A 10-minute drive from Benidorm you will find a famous Terra Mitica amusement park, where you can have fun all day riding on breathtaking roller coasters with your children. Shows, restaurants and hotels complete the offer of a park where you can travel thousands of years ago to meet the civilizations of Rome, Greece and Egypt and try 30 attractions for visitors of various ages.

Near Terra Mitica there is a large Terra Natura zoo with more than 1500 animals, including tigers, lions, black jaguars, crocodiles, rhinos, camels, elephants, monkeys and a large number of birds and reptiles. More than 200 species make up the offer of a new generation zoo: Zooimmersion. This zoo offers four areas, where visitors can see the animals through invisible barriers.

Also, just an hour's drive from Benidorm you will find the largest "Aitana" safari park in the region, where you can watch the life of wild animals from five continents in their natural habitat.

In order not to stand in line, especially during the high season, we advise you to buy tickets to parks and zoos on their official websites. It is also cheaper!


Mundomar is Spain's largest park of various marine life and birds (the area of the park is 60,000 square meters!). Mundomar is located on a hill and is part of the mountains of the Sierra Helada. In Mundomar you can watch over 80 marine animals in their natural habitat, as well as impressive shows with dolphins, seals and other representatives of the water world. We advise you to visit the unique performance of the Mundomar park - a water ballet performance of dolphins and Spanish athletes.

Water Parks

Another option is to purchase a double entrance to Terra Natura with an access to Aqua Natura, the modern water park in Benidorm, with a spectacular pool of 5,000 square meters and 1,000 meters of slides. This park offers various attractions, slides, swimming pools and water castles combined with other areas of the park where you can relax, sunbathe and cool off. The park suits visitors of any age.

Without a doubt, for water enthusiasts Aqualandia is a must visit. Currently it is one of the largest water parks in Europe. This place offers a huge variety of facilities, slides and swimming pools to spend an unforgettable day. Those seeking adventure will enjoy some vertigo attractions, while others can visit massage areas with hydrotherapy. Tickets can be purchased with those of Terra Mítica and Mundomar.


Benidorm has a rather small number of museums to offer. The Benidorm House Museum (Casa Museo de Benidorm), which is an art gallery with paintings, sculptures and various ancient utensils, is located in the city center and is surrounded by a beautiful garden. The entrance is free.

The Agricultural Museum exhibits a variety of equipment for agriculture, including some antique tools, and a real water mill. It is located in the Leisure and Recreation Center of the Parque de l'Aigüera (next to the Plaza de Toros). The admission is free.

Maritime Cultural Center Exhibition on Paseo de Colon offers its visitors to learn about naval models like fishing boats, anchors and knots. You can get acquainted with the marine culture of southeastern Spain and the traditional crafts of the region. The entrance is free of charge.

You will find it very interesting to visit the Boca del Calvari Museum that shows local history, culture and art.This museum is also free!

If you have time to drive 20-minutes away from Benidorm, you should definitely visit Valor Museo del Chocolate, where you have the opportunity to taste chocolate and learn the secrets of its production. A truly interesting place to go, and it is free! Guided tours in English start at 11:00 and 16:00.

Cultural sights & landmarks

Sierra Helada Natural Park and Albir Lighthouse
Sierra Helada Natural Park will be an interesting place for lovers of hiking and picturesque views. You can choose one of the organized walking routes that will reveal the stunning beauty of mountains, long cliffs by the sea with a height of 300 meters and turquoise bays. Experienced tourists can choose an 8-kilometer route crossing the Sierra Helada ridge - a feature of the coast of Benidorm. This "walk" will take 4 hours, but it certainly will not disappoint you.

Within a 30-minute drive from Benidorm, you will find the region's most attendant place, the city of Guadalest, where only 200 people reside. What is the secret of its popularity? This city is famous for many things: from the Museum of Microminiatures to the Museum of Torture. There is a fortress and a castle of the king San Josep dated back to 11thcentury with famous viewpoints, from which you can enjoy breathtaking views of the valley and a water reservoir of a bright unusual color. There you may also buy handmade souvenirs, cheeses and other goods at very low prices.

Algar waterfalls
Ten minutes from Guadalest there is a mountain river with Algar waterfalls, it will be nice to swim on a hot day in its refreshing clean waters. Entertainment for the brave: under the supervision of rescuers, you can dive from the cliff in a deep place of the river. This place will appeal to picnic lovers for its vivid natural beauty.

Puig Campana Peak
Climbing to the top of Puig Campana - the second highest mountain in the province of Alicante - is not an easy task, but you will be rewarded with such an incredible views! Do not forget water, hiking shoes and a camera to remember those views. It is better to start in the morning to return before the dawn.

Benidorm Island
A wonderful island with pristine nature and the whole of Benidorm at a glance! You can get to the island in 15 minutes by boat from the port of Benidorm. Round-trip ticket price is around €15 for adults and €12 for children.

Benidorm Cross
Climb to the famous Cross of Benidorm to see the magnificent sunset. It offers incredible views of Benidorm, which looks especially impressive in the evening. You can go both by car or on foot.
Benidorm Cross
Benidorm Cross

5. Best beaches in Benidorm

Benidorm is also famous for its perfect beaches. We can say that the city stands on two large sandy beaches - Levante (Playa de Levante) and Poniente (Playa de Poniente). The length of the Levante beach is about 2 km. The beach is covered with a golden sand. In high season, umbrellas and sunbeds are there to rent out. The length of the Poniente beach is slightly over 3 km and it also offers fine golden sand. The entrance and slope in the sea is gentle, making it perfect for families with children.

Both main beaches have playgrounds for outdoor activities and sports and a variety of water entertainments.You can also enjoy inflatable platforms for diving and entertainment sway in the sea. Doctors and rescue services are present in high season.

Within the city and in the vicinity of Benidorm there are magnificent bays that make these places popular among diving enthusiasts. Crystal clear water, picturesque rocky shores and reefs, diverse marine life - all of these encourages tourists to master deep-sea diving, as Benidorm has high-quality diving centers and schools.The most suitable places for diving are concentrated around the island of Benidorm, as well as in the picturesque bays of the coast - Cala La Almadrava and Cala del Tio Ximo. Near Almadrava Bay there is a kite and windsurfing club.

1. Playa Levante

Being Benidorm's most popular 2km beach with a 55m width, it stretches to the east of the Old Town. It offers a perfect infrastructure, including rental of sunbeds and umbrellas, children's playgrounds, slides, as well as numerous entertainment venues, bars, discos and casinos.
Playa Levante in Benidorm
Playa Levante

2. Playa Poniente

The largest 3.1 km long beach of Benidorm, situated next to the port and extending to the Tossal de la Cala. This beach is wide and very comfortable – fine sand and a gentle entrance to the sea make it an ideal place for a relaxing vacation for families with children. It is also marked by the beautiful Paseo de Poniente, designed by famous Spanish architect Carlos Ferrater.
Playa Poniente in Benidorm
Playa Poniente

3. Playa del Mal Pas

For those who prefer small secluded places to relax, there is a cozy bay between Levante and Poniente, in which there is a small 120-meter Mal Pas beach. You can get to it from the sea or go down from the Cathedral of St. Jaime. There are also sun loungers for hire, foot showers and rescue services. However, in the season it can be very crowded. Mal Pas Beach has been Blue Flag status for 30 years.
Playa del Mal Pas
Playa del Mal Pas

6. Restaurants, Bars & Cuisine

Benidorm is a home for both local and international cuisine. The average cost of lunch (menu del dia) in restaurants is around 10-12 EUR, while in Chinese buffets you can save by having a decent lunch for 8 EUR.

A traditional Spanish breakfast is a toast with mashed tomatoes and olive oil, served with coffee or juice. It costs around 2-3 euros. Famous Spanish tapas is a must-try snack in tapas bars. For example, a set of 5 different "tapas" can cost around 8 euros. Most often, a couple of tapas are served free when ordering a drink. For tapas you should visit José Martinez Oriola street!

Each October in Benidorm a paella festival takes place being the best way to not only taste, but to compare the variations of this signature Spanish dish with different chefs. Well, if this is your first time in Spain, jamon, pinchos, gazpacho and churros should be in the list of things to try.

The proximity of the Mediterranean Sea and the historical connection with the Moorish culture has influenced not only the traditions of Benidorm cuisine, but also the entire Valencian region. Therefore, the local menu will not be complete without rice and seafood. While paella is the most famous dish made of these ingredients, with the same technology they cook, fideua - vermicelli with seafood. Another interesting dish is the caldera de langosta - a roast made of vegetables, potatoes and langoustines.

The variety of places to eat along the coast of Benidorm is truly amazing. Especially a lot of them can be found in the old town and around the Levante beach. Some chic restaurants offering cuisines from around the world are mainly located at expensive hotels.

Where to try the local cuisine:

  • Amigos Bistro by Nas & Dino
  • El Rincón del Ribera Snack Bar
  • El Esturion Fish Restaurant
  • Son de MAR Restaurant
  • La Cofradía Restaurant
  • Marisqueria Cordoba Fish Restaurant

Benidorm bars map

Even during breakfast you can hear the music that comes from bars of Benidorm! But the real gems are revealed at night, when the lights turn on, which makes the skyline with the silhouettes of skyscrapers truly impressive. Some of the best tribute groups can be seen and heard in bars along the Levante beach promenade and in the English quarter Rincon de Loix.

One of the best places with a lively nightlife in Benidorm is English Square - several streets behind Levante Beach. Here, british vacationers feel like home in local bars. The difference is only in price. Here you will find John Smith Bars with great prices, a euro for a pint, happy hours, English breakfast all day and Sunday roast.

With so many bars, discos and restaurants, the square is the perfect place to experience the vibrant atmosphere of a Benidorm party and not to forget about the good old pub. Popular venues with live performances are Morgan's Tavern and Rockefellers, while younger people tend to head to the Hippodrome and Beachcomber disco pub for great music and dancing.

In and around the English Square, the Ambassador Hotel, Morgan's Tavern and Sinatra's are some of the great places to enjoy live music. If you prefer to party by a beach with tribute bands and other live music, visit Heartbreak Rock Bar and Daytona on Avenida Madrid in front of Levante Beach.

Another popular venue with live music on Avenida Madrid is Tiki Beach, one of Benidorm's busiest beach bars. It is perfect for cocktails or a cool beer after a day at the beach.

The Rock and Roll House in the Rincon de Loix district (near Benidorm Palace) is a great place for fans of the 50s. Alameda 20 at Calle Alameda is one of the coolest hangouts in Benidorm. They serve delicious cocktails until 2am in a chic atmosphere.

One of the best bars in Benidorm's old town is the Marrs Bar on Calle de los Gatos, a wonderful place for cocktails and various shots. Since this place is not large, parties in this bar often continues on the street. Similarly, Bar 69 on Avenida de La Constitución is a popular destination. With a large terrace, this bar is an ideal place for warm Benidorm nights.

Additionally, there are many bars for LGBTQ: over 30 bars in the old city. These places invite everyone for a friendly visit, whether you are looking for classic bars or for a vibrant drag show. A few of the nice places are Brief Encounter, Mercury, Peoples Disco Pub and Sensations. Do not miss the famous gay pride in Benidorm in September!
Gay pride in Benidorm​
Gay pride in Benidorm

Benidorm Nightlife

The well-known place for a family vacation turns out to be a resort with chronic insomnia! If you are looking for vivid emotions and constant fun - you should stay close to Levante beach. Clubs and bars along the promenade will lead you to the world of Benidorm nightlife. Many of these places are open all night and do not charge any entrance fees, so you can visit several places at once and dance to different music. In addition, many bars and restaurants on the promenade switch to disco mode after 2 am also. For elderly tourists, there are several bars with live music, where you can dance and just relax.

Most of the large night clubs are located on Avenida Comunidad Valenciana, outside the city. You can get there by car or taxi. The cost of a taxi ride is up to 10 EUR. The entrance fee varies from 15 to 30 EUR, but more often one or two drinks are included in this sum. Interesting fact: nightlife in Benidorm is divided into Spanish and English. This applies not only to discos, but to all kinds of places opened at night. Many Britis come here to throw out a bachelor party or celebrate a birthday.

The most popular nightclubs in Benidorm:

  • Penelope
  • Manssion
  • Hippodrome Disco-Pub
  • Ku Discoteca
  • KM Playa
  • Privilege

7. Shopping

In addition to entertainment and beaches, Benidorm offers tourists a full-scale shopping opportunity. In summer, the city's shops are open until late in the evening and the greatest sales are in July-August and December-January.
When going shopping, remember about siesta. Many shops in Spain close for lunch, which is from 14:00 to 17:00.
In the most popular shopping and entertainment center "La Marina" (Finestrat district) you will find various mass-market brands like Zara, a cinema, a food court, children's playgrounds. In addition, there is an outlet of El Corte Ingles hypermarket.

Benidorm's Old Town, mostly Avenida Martinez Alejos, is also a perfect shopping place. Here you can find boutiques, jewelry stores, clothing and shoe stores, cosmetics and accessories, as well as souvenir shops and small craft outlets of local producers and grocery stores.

Some shops are located in the "lower" part of the Old Town, in the area of Passeig de la Carretera (the main shopping street of Benidorm) and some connected streets.

More places to shop:

  • Jewelry: Rincon de Loix Street
  • Souvenirs: Avenida Mediterraneo and Triangle Square
The farther you walk from the sea, the cheaper the souvenirs, cafes and restaurants.
What to buy in Benidorm:

  • Сlothes and accessories of famous and small Spanish brands
  • Jewelry
  • Lace and embroidery
  • Leather products
  • Wine
  • Guitars

8. Other Activities

If you are a fan of a cabaret, then we strongly recommend to visit Benidorm Palace. In the past, this place was recognized as the best cabaret theater in Europe, and it still amazes its visitors with magnificent shows, singers and dancers. You can choose the option of a show with a dinner. Nearby is the famous Showboat with fascinating performances like drag shows, singers, comedies and dances. Other great places for cabarets and shows in Benidorm are Sinatra's, Vincent's Corner Pubs and Café Benidorm.

Casino Mediterraneo Benidorm is a huge place with various slot machines, where you can try your luck, or sit down at one of the tables to play blackjack, roulette or poker. Sports enthusiasts will love the casino, as it offers many television screens to keep track of major events, as well as sport bets. Tournaments are held on the ground floor of the casino, where you can see some art exhibitions that feature works by local artists.

Spain would not be complete without flamenco. Although Benidorm is many miles away from the home of this dance and music, which is Andalusia, most likely you will find a flamenco show in one of the tapas bars in the old town. In addition, El Bandolero bar on Calle Esperanto 16 regularly hosts flamenco shows. Book a table, grab some tapas and wine to get ready for an emotional roller coaster during the evening!

9. Property types in Benidorm: Houses, Villas & Apartments

Real estate in Benidorm is amazing in its diversity: apartments in new complexes or in skyscrapers, high-quality resale property, and of course luxury villas on the outskirts with panoramic views of Benidorm and sea. Here you can easily find property for safe investment and get the maximum profit from the deal.

Property prices in Benidorm depend on the year of construction and its location, but real estate in the centre costs a little less than properties on the first or second line of the beach, regardless of when the building was constructed.

Two and three bedroom apartments in a building with an elevator in the city centre cost around 130,000 EUR. Apartments by the beach, on the first and second sea line are more expensive, their price starts from 200,000 EUR and depends on the infrastructure of a complex and the age of the building. The most expensive are new and modern real estate: the price per square meter varies from 2500 to 4000 EUR.

As for villas, you can purchase them in the remote areas of Benidorm, for example in Finestrat, Sierra Cortina and in the neighboring city of Villajoyosa.

The cost of real estate in Sierra Cortina starts from 220,000 EUR for apartments and from 350,000 EUR for villas. The high cost per square meter of housing is due to the prestige of the area and great infrastructure: spa complex, sports center, gourmet restaurant and security service.
Skyline of Benidorm

Property prices in Benidorm and around

Rincón de Loix

This quarter is on the east of the Levante area. Partly it is occupied by tourist infrastructure and Sierra Helada National Park. By the way, here you can find a small nudist beach.This place is considered the English quarter of Levante, where mostly British citizens have settled. This area has an unofficial name of "Zona guiri" which means a zone of foreigners. However, this part of Benidorm is not really "English", although the amount of authentic pubs, British flags and shops with English products suggests that this is not really Spain. With the total superiority of the British, many other EU citizens live here: the Dutch, Irish, Scandinavians, etc. The international essence of the English quarter of Benidorm is reflected in the names of local streets: Londres, Malta, Amsterdam, Estocolmo, Moscú.

Pueblo Levante (+Playa de Levante)

The Dutch church in Levante is not a surprise to anyone, since the diversity of diasporas has long been a hallmark of this area, unlike any other district of Benidorm. At the same time, local entertainment industry has occupied the Levante area: Aqualandia water park, Aqua Natura zoo, Casino Mediterraneo, Benidorm Palace are located here. But the matter is not limited to entertainment alone, in the more or less quiet zone of Levante you can find a prestigious private school Lope de Vega, which from year to year has consistently been among the best schools in the Valencian community.

El Caste l (Old Town)

This is an old quarter of Benidorm, located in the center by the beach, from where the city began to grow in due time. Although there are some small old houses there, they are not of particular interest. You can see a couple of churches with blue "pan-shaped" domes typical of Spain. The old quarter is definitely a must visit at it's a signature place in Benidorm.

Pueblo Poniente (+Playa de Poniente)

Many Spaniards born and raised in this city believe that Poniente is the best area in Benidorm. It has all the necessary infrastructure for a comfortable life, although most residential buildings are at a decent distance from the beach, and the first line is occupied by hotels. At the same time, no matter how densely built up the Benidorm Poniente area, there was still a place for a new luxury real estate project, which will clearly differ from the surrounding buildings and is designed for clients with above average demand. In addition, not so long ago a "deal of the century" took place, as it was called in Spain, according to which in the coming years all wastelands on Poniente will be built up with houses, offices and shops and modern infrastructure.

Poniente area is connected to La Cala Finestrat. This is a quiet "suburb" of Benidorm with its own private beach, bay, hotels, walking and commercial areas.

Centro Urbano

All major commercial activity is located in the center of Benidorm, where one can find everything not only for shopping, but also for gastronomic tourism. At the same time, this area of Benidorm is not entirely commercial or tourist - the main state institutions area also located here. Moreover, all the celebrations organized by the authorities are held here, mainly in the L'Aiguer park. Of course, the center of Benidorm is replete with hotels and apartments for rent.

10. Conclusion

In general, Benidorm is not the "cheapest" city on the Costa Blanca, but the cost of housing is fully justified by the very high investment attractiveness and tourists' activity in this area. In high season, the occupancy rate of hotels and apartments reaches 100%.

Quite popular opinion is that the best areas of Benidorm are the ones that are not officially part of it: Finestrat and Villajoyosa. Unlike Benidorm, these towns are in demand among those who prefer to live in peace and quiet and is fond of nature, sustainable lifestyle, but to the least extent bars and nightclubs.

All in all, an actively developing housing market of Benidorm is able to offer customers a variety of properties at more than reasonable prices. People tend to buy property in Benidorm, because this city is famous for its comfort and dynamism. Real estate here is traditionally in high demand due to the tourist attractiveness of this resort.

It is important to mention that the process of buying or selling real estate in Benidorm is carried out under the supervision of real estate agencies and banks, so your assets will be protected, and any transactions will be absolutely transparent.

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