Ciudad Quesada (Alicante, Spain) Guide: Things to Know before relocating

Tourists and home buyers guide Ciudad Quesada, Costa Blanca, Spain: location, what is the weather on summer and winter, Top 7 Beaches of Ciudad Quesada. Recreation, Golf, Bars and Restaurants, Property prices in Quesada with examples
Ciudad Quesada is a popular resort in the south of the Costa Blanca. Founded in 1972 by businessman Justo Quesada, it quickly turned from a small village into a prosperous settlement, where investors from many European countries prefer to buy real estate. British, German and Scandinavian citizens are the main residents of this town. It should be noted that foreigners make up about 75% of the population (about 15 thousand people). Also, it is common to include neighboring Rojales, Benijofar and other settlements in the agglomeration of Ciudad Quesada, although they are separate administrative units.

The town is located on a hill, so Ciudad Quesada is separated from the sea by fields and groves of oranges and lemons. At the same time, driving to the sea by car takes just five to ten minutes, and local residents have a great choice between the beaches of neighboring cities like La Mata or Guardamar del Segura.

This is an area of privileged construction, dominated by villas, chalets and other types of detached houses. Thus, in Quesada there are few apartment complexes and townhouses (and any buildings higher than two floors). In this article we will tell you what is remarkable about Ciudad Quesada, so that you understand why a large number of Europeans choose this city to buy real estate.

1. Location and map

Ciudad Quesada is located on the southern coast of the Costa Blanca. The city belongs to the province of Alicante and Valencian community.
Ciudad Quesada Google map
Ciudad Quesada Google map


  • Alicante–Elche Airport (ALC)

The nearest airport is in Alicante, 40 kilometers to the north from Quesada. Alicante–Elche Airport (ALC) is one of the top-50 busiest airports of Europe with more than 10 million passengers per year. Most flights are international, airplanes mostly arrive from the United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Belgium and Sweden. The airport is a base for Air Nostrum, Ryanair, Jet2 and other airlines.

  • Región de Murcia International Airport (RMU)

Another option is Región de Murcia International Airport (RMU), which has been opened in 2019 and took over the San Javier Airport. From Murcia airplanes fly to Great Britain, Norway, Belgium and other countries, and local flights to the Canary Islands and Asturias are also in demand.

If you want to get to Alicante from other regions of Spain, comfortable RENFE trains connecting all the east coast of the country are at your service. From Barcelona or Malaga you can get to Alicante in 5-6 hours. The AVE (which means "bird") high-speed railway line was launched from Madrid — with it you can "fly" from the Spanish capital to Alicante in only 2 hours.


  • Torrevieja (5 km away). Located on the other side of the Laguna Salada de La Mata from Quesada. It is the largest city in the south of the Costa Blanca and a popular place of attraction for foreigners and investors. Sometimes people call Ciudad Quesada Torrevieja's suburb. A lot of Quesada residents visit Torrevieja to do business, shopping or to relax on the city's beaches.
    Torrevieja – city view
    The population of Torrevieja is around 100,000 people.
    • Guardamar del Segura (8km). A coastal city with good ecology and infrastructure both to live or spend a holiday. It is important to note that between Torrevieja and Guardamar there is a flat coast about 15 km long with one of the most beautiful beaches on the coast. The population of Guardamar is about 15,000 citizens.

    • Alicante (40 km). The capital of the province, a major city and port, trade and cultural center. The nearest airport is located there. Alicante is a modern European city, quite large, with all the necessary infrastructure for both vacation or permanent residence. The main attractions are the Santa Barbara Castle and the Bullring. The population of the city is around 330,000 people.

    • Murcia (60km). The capital of the province with the same name to the south of Ciudad Quesada. Administrative and business center, a large city (about 450,000 people). Not far from Murcia you will find a Región de Murcia International Airport (RMU), which we already mentioned. Travelers love this city for its historical heritage, monuments of Arab and Medieval architecture, castles, bridges and parks. The city has a well-known prestigious University — Universidad de Murcia, founded in 1272.

    • Cartagena (70km). Another city in the province of Murcia, which combines a cultural heritage with modern attractions. Every September the city hosts a famous festival "Romans and Carthaginians". Not far from Cartagena there is a place called La Manga — a narrow sand spit that separates the largest lagoon in Europe from the Mediterranean Sea. La Manga has a wide beach with golden sand that is perfect for family vacation with kids. Nature is unique and absolutely pure, because any production is prohibited there. Cartagena has a population of about 215,000 citizens.

    • Benidorm (100 km). If you want to play roulette or have fun on the dance floor, you can drive to Benidorm, which is located in the north of the Costa Blanca twice as far as Alicante. Benidorm is called Spanish Las Vegas. The city is extremely popular among British and European tourists, there are many casinos and nightclubs for every taste. The population is just over 70,000, but the number of people there multiplies in summer.

    2. Weather and climate

    Justo Quesada chose a place for the town wisely: a hill behind the green area. The location on a hill turned out to be successful: Ciudad Quesada is blown by breezes, full of sunlight and offers impressive views to the sea, hills or Laguna from the windows.

    Just like the entire province of Alicante, Ciudad Quesada has a warm and mild climate. Some tourists consider it the best one on the Mediterranean coast. There are no sharp changes: in January daily temperature rarely drops below + 15°C, and in summer there is no suffocating heat. The high season lasts from April to the end of October. In the hottest months, the air warms up to + 29°C. There are about 328 sunny and 37 rainy days per year in Alicante.
    Alicante Average Annual Temperatures

    3. Leisure and recreation

    Although Ciudad Quesada is rather a small town, it provides a good selection of entertainment and cultural activities. This residential area has everything for sports (traditionally, golf, tennis and others are in demand). You can try Spanish cuisine, organize a picnic or buy products at the Sunday market. Let's talk about it in detail!

    Best Golf Resorts

    • La Marquesa Golf. The first and the most famous golf club of the town was founded by Justo Quesada in 1989. Soon it became one of the reasons why investors from the UK choose to buy housing in Ciudad Quesada.
    Golf Course
    Golf field
    • Greenlands Sport Club. New complex with many fields is located in the western part of Ciudad Quesada, close to the AP-7 highway. It is gaining popularity and is considered to be a great value for money.

    There are many smaller clubs as well as hotels with fields that are a great place for golf.

    Restaurants, bars and Cuisine

    Restaurants in Ciudad Quesada are ready to please guests with all the delicious features of the Mediterranean cuisine: you can try paella and various seafood, order a bottle of wine from the Costa Blanca's vineyards. One of the best restaurants in the town is considered the place of Italian cuisine Grande Italia. We recommend trying pasta, fish, steaks and desserts. Dinner for two with a bottle of wine and desserts will cost you €50.

    At Quesada's entrance gate on your left you will find an Irish tavern Old Don Carlos and the rooftop Vista lounge bar on your right. There you can dive into an incredible variety of cocktails (5-7 euros each). If you are in a mood for Asian cuisine, there is a place to go. For example, Ali Baba Chinese Restaurant. Travelers and tourists love this place for hospitality and service, they recommend trying sushi, spicy soups and duck. Dinner for two will cost you around €40.
    Attention! In all of the listed places, we recommend you booking a table in advance, especially in high season.


    Ciudad Quesada has supermarkets of well-known commercial networks, for example, Mercadona, Consum, Lidl, as well as several shopping centers. There is also Zoсo Sunday Market, where once a week several hundred merchants from all the surrounding cities and villages come to sell some delicious food. There you can buy fresh fruits and vegetables, meat and fish, as well as prepared food and clothes. If you are focused on shopping for clothing of famous brands, you should visit La Zenia (to the south of Torrevieja, 20 minutes by car from Quesada) – Centro comercial Zenia Boulevard is the place you need. There you can find clothing, shoes and accessories from over 150 top European brands.
    Zoсo Sunday Market
    Zoсo Sunday Market

    Other activities

    The city has many options for leisure, recreation and entertainment for every taste and budget, including several bowling and pool clubs. Residents and guests love to visit Aqua Park Ciudad Quesada. There you can try fast riding on water slides, follow the routes with inflatables, relax in pools and visit special kids' areas with your children ­– this place suits the entire family.

    In Ciudad Quesada no one gets bored, even professional athletes. In addition to golf courses, there are many other sports to try: you will find tennis courts and a couple of football fields in Municipal Sports Center in the northern part of the Quesada. Fans of fitness and bodybuilding may visit the Quesada Fitness Gym. Also, there are many public parks and gardens, where you can find picnic areas to spend a time with your family, friends and even some wild hedgehogs and lizards.

    Language is not a problem in Quesada, especially if you visit some Spanish language schools for the international population here. Last but not least, the infrastructure for both seasonal and year-round stay is actively developing. New restaurants, stores, beauty salons and many other places open in Quesada almost every week.
    Aqua Park Ciudad Quesada
    Aqua Park Ciudad Quesada

    4. TOP-7 beaches in Ciudad Quesada

    As we already mentioned, Ciudad Quesada is located not on the coast, the distance to the beach takes some time (7-20 minutes) to get to the beautiful coastal zone by car. Most of the beaches in this area are wide and sandy, most of them are equipped with all the necessary infrastructure for recreation.

    1. Playa del Cura

    Playa del Cura is located in the southern part of Torrevieja, 10-15 km away from Quesada, depending in which part of Quesada you live and the route you choose. It is the most popular beach in Torrevieja. But it is quite short (350m) and narrow. In high season it is hard to find a place to park. There are many bars and cafes nearby. On the beach they offer sunbeds, umbrellas, and the lifeguards constantly work there to ensure the security of the visitors.
    Playa del Cura – beach view
    Playa del Cura
    2. Playa de los Locos

    Another popular beach of Torrevieja with stones and sand. It is two times longer than Playa del Cura (about 700m) and less "populated". If you look for a relaxed atmosphere, this is a place for you. Moreover, a nursing home is located nearby.
    Playa de los Locos – beach view
    Playa de los Locos
    3. Playa de La Mata

    La Mata adjoins Torrevieja but is considered to be a separate administrative unit: it has its own city hall, schools, kindergartens and a clinic. At the junction of Torrevieja and La Mata the coastline changes. Rocks and bays are replaced by a flat sand strip that is called Playa La Mata: it was awarded with the Blue Flag for a perfect infrastructure. It has everything you need for a comfortable beach holiday: sunbeds and umbrellas, sport facilities, changing cabins, bars, lifeguards, etc. Some beaches you can visit with your pets.

    La Mata Beach is popular among residents of Torrevieja and other surrounding towns. There is enough space for everyone: Playa La Mata is rather wide (40-50 meters) and long (about 3 km)
    Playa de La Mata – beach view
    Playa de La Mata
    4. Playa Les Ortigues

    It is located to the north of La Mata, along the village of Lomas de Polo Pinomar and the N-332 road. Unlike Playa La Mata, this is a wild beach with a lack of infrastructure. But this is what attracts those who like a private relax. A coniferous grove stretches along the beach, offering privacy. In some places of Playa Les Ortigues, the coastal strip reaches a width of more than 100 meters.
    Playa Les Ortigues – beach view
    Playa Les Ortigues
    5. Playa Moncayo

    Playa Moncayo is one of the best beaches on the southern Costa Blanca. It is spacious and long (about 2 km). This beach is clean and equipped with volleyball courts and offers renting opportunities for jet ski riders and other water activities. You can hide from the sun in the shadow of the sand dunes.
    Playa Moncayo – beach view
    Playa Moncayo
    6. Playa Centro

    Playa Centro is the main beach of Guardamar del Segura, which is called one of the most attractive places in the region. Red cross lifeguards work on the beach in high season; you can rent sun beds, umbrellas and enjoy a cocktail in a beach bar.

    At the end of the beach is the area of fishing houses. They were built before the "hundred-meter law", so some are too close to the water, they begin to destroy because of the impact of water, salt and winds, but according to the rules they cannot be repaired. Now it is a local attraction.
    Playa Centro – beach view
    Playa Centro
    7. Playa Los Viveros

    Among other things, Guardamar del Segura is known as the ecological green zone, especially in the northern part, where you can find Reina Sofia Park and Park Alfons XIII, which are very popular among children. There live peacocks who walk and fly among people, swans, chickens, ducks, squirrels, turtles and fish.

    Through the green zone, there is a road leading to Playa Los Viveros. It is quite wide (45m) and long, stretching to the city port. Wooden paths will guide you to the beach, running among palm alleys. There you can enjoy comfortable stay away from the noise.
    Playa Los Viveros – beach view
    Playa Los Viveros

    5. Property prices in Ciudad Quesada

    There are almost no apartments in the city, the vast majority are detached houses (villas) and smaller ones, called chalets. Semi-detached-chalets and townhouses in various forms are also popular here. You can learn about typical real estate of Ciudad Quesada and prices with examples from our catalog from this table:

    6. Conclusion

    Ciudad Quesada is a great place to buy a resort home, as well as a nice town to consider for a permanent residence. It is located in a pure ecological area and suitable for people of all ages. Quesada is easy to get to and only a few minutes away from some of the best beaches of the Costa Blanca.

    Real estate in this area is rapidly growing in price and it gives the possibility to earn on a further resale.

    Old Don Carlos —
    Centro comercial Zenia Boulevard —
    Aqua Park Ciudad Quesada —
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