Torre de la Horadada, Spain: Important Information for Home Buying and Vacation Planning

Torre de la Horadada Complete city guide: location, weather, how to get there. Explore the Torre de la Horadada area, its beaches, museums and attractions. Learn the history of the city. The best shops, restaurants and hotels. How much does it cost to buy a property there?

1. Location, climate, highlights

Torre de la Horadada is a district of the municipality of Pilar de la Horadada with a population of 2676 people located in the south of the povince of Alicante, on the Mediterranean coast.

The name Torre de la Horadada comes both from the name of the 16th-century watchtower and from the place where it is located: "horadada" in Spanish means "holey, openwork" – this is how looks the local cliffs with small caves and holes punched by the seawater.

As a coastal resort, Torre de la Horadada began to develop successfully thanks to its tourist attraction and especially the beautiful «blue flag» beaches. The most popular are Los Jesuitas, El Conde and El Puerto. These are beaches of fine sand with crystal clear water. Primarily due to the magnificent beach coast, the population of the region in the summer months increases in four times. Not only foreign tourists come here but also residents of other areas of Spain, mainly from Madrid and Murcia – they enjoy relaxing in their summer residences.

In recent years Torre de la Horadada has become home to many foreign residents of Northern Europe, especially from the UK and Ireland. Due to this fact, new services opened very quickly, such as supermarkets, bars, restaurants. Also, several years ago, the modern tourist complex "Lo Monte" was erected hеrе, with three swimming pools, a gym and spa, as well as a restaurant serving both local delicacies and international dishes.

On the coast of Torre de la Horadada, there is a small marina for 525 berths, which was built on a small fishing pier more than 30 years ago.
The beach view of Torre de la Horadada
The coast of Torre de la Horadada, full of marine life, is ideal for scuba diving and diving. Picturesque rock formations and sandbanks coupled with the rich biodiversity of these places will give an unforgettable experience to lovers of diving and snorkelling.

2. Sightseeing

In ancient times, the coast was a subject to numerous pirate raids, so King Philip II ordered the construction of a series of watchtowers. Thanks to this measure, the villagers could be warned in time about the approach of enemy ships.

Horadada Tower (Torre vigía de la Punta de la Horadada) was built in 1591. In the 19th century, the tower was used to transmit signals using an optical telegraph. This is a tower with a conical, plastered base and toothed walls with several windows. You can get inside through a private house attached to the tower. The name of the building was given by the unique internal layout of the floors, which communicated through a central hole passing through the tower from top to bottom.

From 1905 to the present day the counts of Roche owned the tower, at that time it was their summer residence. In 1995 Torre vigía de la Punta de la Horadada was officially included in the list of the historical heritage of Spain as an essential object of cultural significance.

The Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de la Asunción), located in the center of Torre de la Horadada, is the only local Catholic church. The idea of creating the church belongs to the priest Antonio Roda, and it was built in the 1950s by Antonio Albaladejo. Sculptural religious images of the local author Jose Maria Sanchez Lozano stick out in the whole interior of the church.
Horadada Tower
Horadada Tower

3. Restaurants

All tourists and residents of Torre de la Horadada know that relaxing beach vacations are ideally complemented by delicious food prepared in local restaurants. In this small town, there are a considerable number of them offering gastronomic masterpieces of both local and other countries and continents cuisine. Spanish cuisine is organically adjacent to Asian, Italian, British, American and many others.

Not far from the Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the famous "Willy Bar" opens its doors every day, serving Mediterranean and Cuban dishes, a variety of tapas, unusual desserts and delicious, refreshing cocktails and drinks. The fantastic atmosphere of the restaurant deserves special mention.

The restaurant "Cerveceria Torremar" specializes in all kinds of fish and seafood, locals love to visit it.
On Virgen de la Asuncion street there is another excellent place – "Food Castle Restaurant", famous for its superb dishes of Indian, Italian, Mexican and Spanish cuisine. Always excellent food and very attentive staff – the hallmark of this restaurant.

Closer to the coast, but also not far from the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin, on Plaza Generalismo is a popular Indian restaurant – "King Tandoori Indian Grill Restaurant", which is known by impeccable service, high-quality cuisine and large portions.

Fans of British pubs should visit "The Greenwich Bar & Grill", which offers several varieties of draft English and Irish beer, as well as traditional dishes of the United Kingdom.

Not far from the yacht club is the ice cream café/ice cream parlour "Galan" ("Heladería Galan"). In addition to the varied and delicious ice cream, the serving size of which is impressive, cafe visitors can have a yummy breakfast or snack during the day overlooking the harbour.

4. Property Prices

Torre de la Horadada is located on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea. The city belongs to the larger agglomeration of Pilar de la Horadada, but prices are higher because of its proximity to the sea and beaches. According to the Idealista, in April 2020, the price per square meter in Torre de la Horadada was € 1929 per square meter.

The apartment in good condition with an area of 60-70 square meters and within walking distance to the sea costs 120 000 - 140 000. The price of a townhouse (90-100 meters) starts at 180 000. Prices for detached villas and houses are from 220 000 euros.
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