The building in Calpe that inspired the Squid Game series

Have you watched the acclaimed Korean TV series yet? If you also loved the labyrinth building from the Squid Game and want to take a picture in it – read this article to learn where to find a twin house!
The scenarios of the series 'The Squid Game' take us to a fantasy world of children's games and bright colours, but they are real spaces that have been created for the series, although they are inspired by buildings such as this house in Calpe built in the 70s.

girls walking down a narrow street in Barcelona, Spain
La Muralla Roja is a coastal apartment building in the La Manzanera urbanisation (Calpe, Spain) at the foot of the sea, on top of a small cliff. Designed by the architect Ricardo Bofill in 1968, it was completed in 1972 and since then it has been a building reference for its constructivist aesthetics and its striking blue and pink colours. But now it has once again gained devotees for a different reason: the stairs of the hit Netflix series 'The Squid Game' are reminiscent of, and seem to have been inspired by, the Catalan architect's creation.

The Calpe building is conceived as cubes in space that interconnect with each other creating a series of staircases, courtyards and bridges, with roots from Arabic and Mediterranean architecture. On the other hand, as if it were a kasbah (the central part of an Arab citadel), on the outside it offers a fortified and firm image, and yet on the inside it spreads a constant poetry of light, patios, openings and walls that weave a labyrinth. In the Netflix series, one of the settings where the heroes risk their lives is a labyrinth that clearly resembles this building.

But it is not the only artistic inspiration for the series: the fascinating labyrinthine staircases through which the players pass before and after each round of games bear a strong resemblance to those of various lithographs by the Dutch artist Escher. In this case Hwang Dong-hyuk, director and writer of the series, has clearly recognised the inspiration.

Rent to experience it fully!

Formerly the building was open to the public, but with the boom of social networks and globalisation, the building became popular on instagram (long before the Netflix series), which made the owners ask to close the access and now you can only enter if you are authorised by one of the residents.

But the other way is to rent one of the tourist flats offered on various platforms.


A very profitable game for Netflix

For the streaming giant, this is considerably more than the 45.6 billion won (33.14 million euros) for which the heroes of the series are gambling their lives. According to Bloomberg, these episodes are worth more than 21.4 million dollars.

Some 132 million viewers had watched at least two minutes of the show in its first 23 days, beating the record set by the British drama 'The Bridgertons', which captivated 82 million viewers in its first 28 days. 66% of accounts finished watching the series in the first 23 days.

The series was also the first Korean drama to snatch the top spot on Netflix in the US, and has even sparked people's interest in learning Korean.
The show has even generated positive comments from Amazon founder Jeff Bezos: the billionaire called the work "impressive and inspiring".


Property in Calpe
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