Finestrat (Alicante, Spain): Things to Know before Relocation

Finestrat, Costa Blanca, Spain - Tourists and Home Buyers Guide. Location, nearest airport, weather and climate. Best beaches near Finestrat and La Cala Finestrat. Asia Graden, Sirerra Cortina nearby ubanizations. Property for Sale in Finestrat - prices, examples, best locations.
  • Province: Alicante
  • Population: 6381
  • Area: 42.25 km2
  • Elevation: 238m
  • Timezone: Central European Standard Time
Finestrat is a small town in the mountains offering spectacular sea views. It is located just a 7 minute drive to the north of Benidorm. It only takes you 10 minutes to get to the stunning beaches, 3 minutes – to a shopping center, supermarkets, as well as various parks with attractions and exotic animals. Interesting fact: more than 40% of the Finestrat residents are foreign citizens.

Over the past 30 years, this area began its active development, so now it can offer villas and luxurious residential areas. For the most part, these are low-rise complexes of villas, apartments and townhouses. From any point in Finestrat you can enjoy the gorgeous view of Benidorm and the sea on one side, and the mountains on the other.

1. Finestrat Map & Location

Finestrat is situated 8 km from Benidorm, 40 km from Alicante and 50 km from the nearest international airport Alicante-Elche. The old city is located 267 metres above sea level.

Its location near the A7 Mediterranean highway provides the city with great connection with Spain and Europe. The N332 national road, which on the south leads to Alicante, El Campello, Santa Pola, and on the north to Altea, Denia, Javea, Gandia and Valencia.

The area of the municipality is 42.5 km2. Being close to the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, Finestrat took 267 meters of the coastline from its neighbor Benidorm, which is a small bay that is called Cala de Finestrat (Finestrat Bay).

The lands of Finestrat border the territories of Benidorm and Villajollosa. The highest point of the municipality is Puig Campana Mountain – 1410 meters above sea level. Part of the city's territory is occupied by the Terra Mítica amusement park.
Puig Campana Mountain
Puig Campana Mountain

Transfer from Airport

You can search for transfer options here: ShuttleDirect, BeniConnect, Hoppa. These search engines offer both private transfers and shuttle bus. Going by regular bus will cost you around 6-8 EUR, while fast bus with minimum stops – 14-16 EUR one way per person. Private transfer costs around 70 EUR per person. It may be more convenient for families with children.

You will have to travel 50-60 km or around 1 hour, depending on the exact destination in Finestrat.

There are also many car rental options in Alicante airport. There are around 10 companies you can choose from. See the complete list and contacts on the official website of Alicante airport.

Finestrat city map

Finestrat is a small village in the mountains with an old city with typical narrow streets and traditional Spanish architecture. In the center of the city you will find a Catholic church, located in the heart of the town, next to the city hall.

The fact is the Finestrat municipality is rather large, and part of it is located near the sea, where in the 90s the huge area of Cala de Finestrat was rapidly growing up. One part of it was given over to the commercial zone of La Marina. Another significant part of the land was allocated for the construction of villas and golf fields, one of which will soon be open for fans of this sport.

In Finestrat, there is the luxurious Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa, just a 5-minute drive from the famous Costa Blanca amusement park named Terra Mítica, Terra Natura zoo and the huge water park of Aqua Natura. Here you will also find Villaitana Golf Resort.

Finestrat old town

Thanks to its perfect location, Finestrat has been the accumulator of numerous cultures throughout its history. Many ancient civilizations left their mark in this city. The historic center of the municipality is built on a place of an old Moorish castle. Since 1924, its place has been occupied by the Santísimo Cristo del Remedio chapel. Tourists always enjoy walking along the narrow streets of the old city, while locals admire its uniqueness throughout the years.

  • The Historical Quarter. Finestrat is one of the numerous charming villages on the Costa Blanca, where the traditional structure of the houses has been respected and preserved. These houses are literally hanging on the hill of the historic center of Finestrat, which provides a unique image of this area.

  • The Church of San Bartolomé. Its construction must have started in the middle of the 17th century. This church is built in baroque style, but its facade is rather smooth and ascetic, influenced by the first followers of an emerging neoclassicism.

  • El Castell. In the highest area of the town you will find this fortified castle of the Almohad era, which was conquered by Jaime I.

  • Ermita del Santísimo Cristo del Remedio. It is located in the same place as the Castle.

  • La Torre. Declared of Cultural Interest, it is located near the urban center. This tower is a fortified building of the Almohad era, built in the 12th century.
Finestrat old town

Cities near Finestrat

Finestrat definitely has a great location. This city is divided into two areas - Finestrat Pueblo with the old city and private villas, and the second part is located by the beach, which is called La Cala de Finestrat, a tourist area. From Finestrat you can easily reach any city in Spain via national roads. Here are the list of those, which you can reach within 1.5 hour drive:

Murcia, capital of the province of Murcia 123.2 km

Valencia, capital of the Valencian Community 149.8 km

Alicante, capital of the province of Alicante 42.0 km

Dénia, capital of the comarca Marina Alta 61.3 km

Benidorm 13.2 km

La Cala de Finestrat (Beach) 9.2 km

Calpe 33.9 km

Villajoyosa 8.8 km

Altea 20.9 km

Javea 67.6 km

Torrevieja 96.6 km

Benissa 42.0 km

2. Weather & climate in Finestrat

Finestrat has a typical Mediterranean climate with cool sea breezes in the summer. This town is protected from the cold northerly winds in winter thanks to the mountains. Here you can experience over 3000 hours of sunshine per year, and rather warm average annual temperature, which slightly exceeds 20 degrees.

In 1986, the World Health Organization recognised the region's climate as one of the best in the world - neither hot summers or cold winters. An average of 325 sunny days per year makes it an ideal resort all year round.

At an average temperature of 25.3 °C, August is the hottest month of the year. The lowest average temperature in the year is in January, around 10 °C.
Finestrat​, Spain Average Annual Weather
Finestrat, Spain Average Annual Weather
The most rainy days, around 13, are in January. The driest month in Finestrat is July, when you may expect only 4 days of rain.

Average sea temperature

Usually, beach season starts in the second part of May and ends in October. The coldest water is in February and March, the temperature is around 14 °C. If you prefer the water that is warmer than the air sometimes, plan your trip to Finestrat in August, so you can enjoy swimming in the sea of 26-27 °C.

Water temperature in Finestrat table by months. Remember: the closer to the coast, the warmer the sea!
Finestrat​, Spain Average Sea Temperature
Finestrat, Spain Average Sea Temperature

3. Hotels in Finestrat

Concerning the best of the best, in the Finestrat area there is only one five-star hotel that is called Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa, that is located in Golf Bahia. The average price of a one-night stay there is 250-350 EUR, depending on the season. For more 5-star hotels we recommend considering Benidorm.

In the Finestrat Pueblo area you can find mostly 3-star hotels of an average price of 90 EUR per night. (La Morena, Nature Suits, Casa Rural, Casa Puig, La Plantacion and others).

Popular hotels of the most demanded area of Finestrat – La Cala:

  • Magic Tropical Splash is a 100-150 EUR aparthotel that is a great option for family vacation as it offers ultra all inclusive service.
  • Hotel La Cala is a popular 2-star hotel and it's average price is 40-50 EUR per night.
  • Hotel Tropic Relax is a 3-star hotel that costs 50-60 EUR per night.
  • Hotel Medsur Alone is also a 3-star option that costs around 50-60 EUR, depending on the season.
  • Gran Hotel Bali - an expensive 4-star accommodation that will cost you 200-300 EUR. It is located between Finestrat and Benidorm.

4. Leisure & recreation

In addition to lazy vacation by the beach or visiting theme parks for both adults and children, Finestrat has many interesting places to spend quality time. We will mention some of the most significant and popular among tourists.

Finestrat Karting

You can choose your ride from several karts on the track, ranging from the simplest ones for children, to high-speed karts, allowing you to reach up to 110 km/h. The track is quite complicated with many steep turns. The duration of the ride is 10 minutes (1,260 m long and 10 m wide), the approximate cost is 30 EUR per person.

Next to karting there is a small restaurant where you can have lunch or just a snack.

There is also a small and very fun track designed especially for children, but it can also be used by adults. They also offer to play a fun football game with bubbles that is unique in the area.

While adults are on the track or in the restaurant, children can have a great time free of charge in the children's playground, where they offer inflatable castles, soccer and basketball fields and slides.

It is convenient to get there by car, but you can also order a free taxi directly in the go-kart. To do this, just call +34 965-972-227 or +34 671-038-202. The cost of a taxi is included in the cost of the karting ride.

Golf Clubs

There are numerous golf clubs on the Costa Blanca for those who prefer this sport over others. The ones that are situated in Finestrat and in Benidorm are the following:

1) Puig Campana Golf in Finestrat. This club is rather new, it has a perfectly designed infrastructure and a decent restaurant. You can play on this 18-hole or 9-hole field in winter from 8 to 19.30 and in summer: from 7:30 to 20:30.

2) Melia Villaitana in Benidorm offers two golf courses of mediterranean and american styles. High price and high expectations. Buggy included in price.

3) Las Rejas Benidorm is a perfect place to start learning this popular sport. Best price and a nice quality, plus a location in the city of Benidorm.
    Puig Campana Golf Field
    Puig Campana Golf

    Jet Ski

    In the western part of the beach there is a rental base for some jet ski fans. From here you can start a route to the island of Benidorm. This trip will cost you 75 EUR (for 2 people, 30-minute ride). This is a great opportunity to enjoy views of Benidorm from the water. You can also go for Sierra Helada mountain and other bays, the price is 125-175 EUR for 60-90 minute rides.

    5. Best beaches in Finestrat

    La Cala de Finestrat is the only beach you can find in the town of Finestrat. It is located about 3 kilometers from Benidorm. Here you can read more about the best beaches of Benidorm. Nevertheless, there are some places for relaxing or practicing watersports not far from the town.

    1. Cala de Finestrat

    Length: 300 metres
    Average width: 51 metres

    Cala de Finestrat offers an excellent possibility to relax on a golden sand. This place is great for family tourism. The beach has no slope so it is safe for children, it also offers a wide range of leisure activities. Cala de Finestrat has a parking area, numerous restaurants and cafés, as well as playgrounds for the little ones.
    Cala de Finestrat
    Cala de Finestrat

    2. Raco del Conill

    Length: 160 metres
    Average width: 4 metres

    This is a cozy nudist beach, which is quite a picturesque place located between Finestrat and Villajoyosa. The beach is wild and unequipped. However, there is a staircase and a parking space for your car.
    Rocky bay - Raco del Conill
    Raco del Conill

    3. Playa del Torres

    Length: 560 metres
    Average width: 10 metres

    A rocky beach, perfect for practicing water sports (kayaking, paddle surfing, windsurfing, diving, etc.). It is located next to the eponymous square in Villajoyosa. There is also parking for cars.
    Playa del Torres
    Playa del Torres

    6. Restaurants, Bars & Cuisine

    Some of the most popular dishes in Finestrat are:

    1) Arros amb fesols i naps – rice with beans and chard;
    2) Coca gira, which is a type of salty pie with vegetable, sausage or fish;
    3) Tarongetes which is a kind of meatballs.

    If you want to eat in the La Cala area, near the beach of the Finestrat, we advise you to walk along Marina Baixa Avenue. Here you can find a decent "Bar 56" which is a pub that offers british an spanish cuisine at affordable price. If you are into Asia food, try visiting HAI BIN restaurante. The best place to try local cuisine, namely paella, is restaurante Peter. For tapas and drinks we'd suggest trying Taperia Ayala. If you want some fast food, visit Hamburgueseria Yenco. Cafeteria Marina and Waterfront Bar and Grill are two options directly by the beach. The most expensive place with the best spanish seafood selection in this area is Puig Campana restaurante.

    In Finestrat Pueblo there are some interesting places for food fans too. The best bar/pub place in Serena's on Puig Campana Street. Here you can also find two great italian restaurants: Pizzorante MangiaRe and Paradiso Autentica. Not far from this street, on Benidorm avenue, you may want to visit spanish place La Barra or italian Pizzería Ohlala.

    Rice restaurante is the best one in the Finestrat area. It is located in urbanization Sierra Cortina. In case you want to taste some exclusive dishes from Michelin Star - Kiko Moya and Alberto Redrado, best Sommelier of Spain, be ready to pay from 30 to 60 EUR per person.

    7. Shopping

    Between La Cala and Sierra Cortina along the CV-767 road there is a huge commercial zone with numerous shops like Leroy Merlin, Carrefour, El Corte Ingles Outlet and others. One of the main attractions here is La Marina de Finestrat mall. There you will find numerous european brands of mass market, restaurants and some popular services like repairs and car wash.

    Traditional spanish market with clothing, footwear, accessories, fruits and vegetables opens all year round on Fridays and works from 8 am to 1 pm. Location: Calle L'Hort, Finestrat Pueblo area.

    In La Cala zone you may find some souvenirs and other shops along the Finestrat Avenue and Marina Baixa Avenue. For more options you may want to visit the nearest large city – Benidorm.

    8. Other Activities

    While staying in Finestrat, you can take advantage of the local natural environment that offers this beautiful town.

    LA FONT DEL MOLÍ. It is the most important source of water in Finestrat. The rules for using this source were adopted back in 1926. The Fuente del Molino has 15 pipes that are capable of pumping 20 liters per second. It is also a starting point for hiking to Puig Campana and sightseeing tours.

    PUIG CAMPANA. With 1,410 metres high, its proximity to the coast and its forms, the Puig Campana is one of the most emblematic points of the Costa Blanca. This is a perfect place to enjoy nature in its purest state. Stunning views and fresh breeze attract hundreds of hikers and fans of outdoor activities.

    ELS CASTELLETS. This is an emblematic rocky ridge, between Finestrat and Ravine of the Xarquer, which is a place for hiking and climbing. Caution, this route is only for professionals. In case you are engaged in hiking, then you will definitely like it here. If you prefer to enjoy relaxing and observing nature, then a picnic at the foot of the mountain is a great option.
    Every child will enjoy the slides, water and other attractions of the huge TerraMitica amusement park. Here you can learn more about all the theme parks and zoos of the Finestrat-Benidorm area.

    9. Property types in Finestrat: Houses, Villas & Apartments

    Finestrat is an ideal place to buy a home in Spain for family living. Here you will see mainly luxurious and expensive properties, however it is possible to find affordable options. The average price per square meter of housing in Finestrat is about 2100 euros. In case you are looking for vacational properties like apartments, we advise you to look for something in the La Cala area, whereas other residential zones offer mostly villas and townhouses. Let's have a look at the price range of Finestrat town by area:

    La Cala de Finestrat

    The La Cala area is named after the beach, which is located here. Apart from being overloaded in the high season, this area is rather quiet. There is a large park by the sea and a nice looking boulevard with palm trees. There you will find a great variety of restaurants and cafes, shops and supermarkets. Close by there is a commercial zone with shops of some famous brands.

    The real estate here is mainly apartments in high-rise buildings with private chill-out zones and pools for every age. Property in La Cala is in high demand due to its perfect location on the seafront and close to Benidorm. The cost of a small studio within walking distance from the sea starts from 80,000 EUR, 2-bedroom apartments – from 130,000 EUR. Townhouses are around 300,000 EUR. Unlike in Benidorm, here you can find some newly constructed properties not war from the beach.

    Sierra Cortina

    This residential zone is a symbol of luxury on the Costa Blanca. Excellent general plan, developed infrastructure, location on the hill with a panoramic sea views offer the owners of villas the relaxing and privileged lifestyle.

    Here special attention is paid to security: the entire territory of the village is under 24-hour video surveillance and a 24-hour concierge sits on the entrance of the zone. It is difficult to find another village on the Costa Blanca with infrastructure like this.

    In Sierra Cortina you will find a magnificent Gourmet restaurant RICE with a chef that owns a Michelin star. All residents of the village have access to a spa center with several saunas, an indoor pool and massage. You can also take advantage of a huge sports complex with a gym, yoga and a tennis club.
    Villa in Sierra Cortina​
    Villa in Sierra Cortina

    Golf Bahia

    This is a part of Sierra Cortina zone, it's suburbanization, which offers perfect infrastructure and services and is located a bit closer to the sea. Unbeatable nature, wonderful ecology, silence and lack of city bustle are some of indisputable advantages of this wonderful place.

    Living away from the noise of Benidorm, those who live here can easily access any of the four wonderful beaches of the municipality, located at a short distance. But this is not all: within a short drive you will find huge hypermarkets, and of course the exit to the AP-7 highway, which will take you anywhere in the Costa Blanca.

    Balcon de Finestrat-Terra Marina

    If you look at the map, you can see that this urbanization is located on the left side of the CV-767 roadб Sierra Cortina and Golf Bahia areas. Here you can find houses in a lower price category than in the above-mentioned gated urbanizations. Nevertheless, its nature and infrastructure give the same benefits to residents of the area.

    The Balcon de Finestrat-Terra Marina area is twice larger than the mentioned luxury zones. After all, the price-quality ratio is very good here. Here you may choose between secondary and new villas or townhouses. New houses will cost you 400,000-700,000 EUR, as well as apartments in new residences are for sale at 150,000-300,000 EUR.

    Finestrat Pueblo

    The Finestrat Pueblo area includes the city of Finestrat and its surroundings towards the mountains. This is a great place for those who want to buy a typical spanish finca (country house) and run their own household, while being a quick drive away from the urban infrastructure. Privacy, nature, mountains, and sea views – all this will appeal to lovers of rural life!

    In addition, you can buy apartments in the city of Finestrat, mainly of a secondary market, the price range is 50,000-150,000 EUR. These types of apartments in this area are not in demand by foreigners and do not possess significant investment value. But new residential complexes that you can find closer to the Sierra Cortina are a great option for the investment!

    10. Conclusion

    It is important to mention that Finestrat offers a great program of cultural and leisure activities every month. Especially fascinating are the summer performances on the beach or in the Auditorium of Castell.

    All in all, the cosmopolitan attraction of Finestrats' coves, a family beach destination, is perfectly combined with the silence of the nature of the mountain peaks. Visit Finestrat and you will surely fall in love and even want to buy a holiday home here. Check out our options in popular Finestrat areas!

    Sierra Cortina
    Golf Bahia
    La Cala Finestrat

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