Top 3 tips on how to sell your property in a pandemic time

Learn how to organize online viewings and discover secrets of successful deals.
As you knоw, selling a house in Spain is neither an easy nor a fast process, and these days the "charms" of a global pandemic add up to the hardship. Nevertheless, demand for Spanish villas and apartments is gradually recovering, so there are more and more buyers each day.

In this article we answer some important questions like: how to sell property during a pandemic in Spain? How do you adapt to the new rules and attract buyers to your property? Let's find out.

1. Arrange online viewings during coronavirus

A variety of online assistants and other tools for obtaining goods and services remotely have taken on a key role in quarantine times. Online shopping, online cinemas, online parties... and of course online property sales. In case of foreign real estate, this is especially relevant, because now only holders of type D visas can arrive on their property in Spain. And in the case you want to sell property, one way or another, you have to do everything online. In what way?
Making video
First, you should record a video tour of your apartment or villa. In today's world this is essential, good thing a high-quality smartphone camera is easy to find. A video tour is an effective sales tool, so we strongly advise posting it on YouTube and other social networks.
For those, who require more information, it would be great to organize an online viewing: once again, with a mobile camera, you have the opportunity to show a customer around. Potential customers should also be able to ask all their questions before visiting the property in person. For such digital tours, you can use any video-enabled messenger. If you can't get to Spain right now to sell your home, you can issue a power of attorney, send the keys and sell remotely with the help of our experienced professionals.

2. Make the place look marketable

To impress potential buyers and increase the chances of a fast sale, certain preparations are required for both online and offline viewings:

  • Tidy up. Let viewers focus on the benefits of your property, rather than on dirty dishes, piles of papers or scattered clothes. In case you have a plot, mow the lawn and trim any tree branches that are climbing through the windows.
  • Depersonalise the space. Remove drawings, children's crafts, notes and family portraits. Then it will be easier for buyers to imagine themselves as the owner of the place.
  • Remove signs of pets. This point can also be referred to as depersonalisation. Bowls, cages, carriers or food packs can deter buyers. Not everyone likes pets inside the house, and some visitors may be allergic to them.
Cleaness and a lot of light
  • Add light. Raise the blinds, pull back the curtains, and let in more natural light to emphasize details and enhance the picture. If the viewing takes place in the evening, feel free to make the most of lamps and other light fittings.
  • Plan your viewing. If you are showing your property without your agent present, make sure you plan carefully your viewing and a route around your house. You can organize a route in a way that it emphasizes the benefits of a gorgeous bathroom or the hi-tech kitchen. Think about what and how you will say to potential buyers.
  • Be attentive to the buyer's concerns. If you manage to establish a sound connection or find common interests with a person, tell them some fascinating family stories that took place in your house or unique details about the property. Keep your guest's age in mind.
  • Update your front entry. The entryway, patio, or pathway to your front door is the "face" of your home, where the viewer gets a first impression. So it's best to clean up the entrance, remove dirt from the handle and touch up the door.

3. Remember hygiene rules when selling a house

Everyone is talking about it, but we'll mention it once again: take care of yourself and people around you. During coronavirus, it's essential to feel safe in every home. To do so, you need to arrange cleaning, so that you can be considered hospitable in today's world. Many vendors put sanitizers and a pack of disposable gloves at the entrance. It is advisable to wear a mask and keep a social distance for everyone inside the property.
Do not forget about masks in the house
It is equally important to disinfect surfaces that your hands touch: door handles, countertops, drawers and light switches from possible coronavirus residues. If you wish to reduce the client's touch on your home to a minimum, you can leave all doors and cabinets open to avoid unnecessary contact. And turn on all the lights and floor lamps so that no one else presses anything. Once the viewing is over, another cleaning should be carried out. Stay healthy, away from COVID-19, and sell fast!
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