August ended with a 30% increase in home sales in the Valencian Community

August, a traditionally chilled month for all types of deals, has been extraordinarily busy in 2021 and showed an unusual increase in property transactions in the Valencian Region in Spain
The trend in real estate transactions has shown an upward movement in recent months. August, a traditionally weak month for all types of transactions, has been extraordinarily busy this year.

According to the Association of Registrars, 12,737 transactions were carried out in the Valencian Community, 52% more than in the same month last year. Transactions corresponding exclusively to homes increased by 70.6%, with 6,652 deals registered.

But when comparing the recent data to the 2020 financial year, one doesn't get a clear vision of the trend, as last year was showing a stagnation in most sectors due to the pandemic. Comparison to 2019 data gives a much clearer idea: the increase in the number of total sales and purchases in the community grew at a rate of 25.6%, which is striking!

If to focus exclusively on housing, total operations show an increase of 29.8% between August this year and the same month of 2019.
August 2021 showed an unusual increase in property transactions in the Valencian Region in Spain

Increase in the summer 2021

The trend had already been upward in previous months, but not as strong. Thus, in the month of July, data showed an increase of 4.9% in the total number of real estate transactions that, if limited to housing, remained at an increase of 1.5%.

This increase in activity had not yet been seen in previous months. The Association of Registrars' report for the second quarter of this year shows that 18,746 home sales and purchases were made in the community between April and June.

It is a significant increase with respect to the 10,389 of those same months last year, during the lockdown.


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