The current price of housing in capital cities in Spain – October 2021

In Spain, the price of second-hand housing in the third quarter of 2021 experienced a quarterly increase of 0.4% and a year-on-year increase of 2.5%, placing the average price at 1,892 euros/m2
In Spain, the price of second-hand housing in the third quarter of 2021 experienced a quarterly increase of 0.4% and a year-on-year increase of 2.5%, placing the average price at 1,892 euros/m2. However, property prices performed unevenly across Spain. This can be seen in the Fotocasa Real Estate Index data, which also shows that the quarterly increase (0.4%) is the first rise after two years of falls.

Despite the average year-on-year increase of 2.5%, Spanish provincial capitals presented a disparate evolution in their real estate markets in September. In fact, prices fell in 38% of these cities. Year-on-year declines ranged from -4.6% in Jaén capital to -0.2% in Burgos.
Views of Zaragoza, Spain
Views of Zaragoza, Spain
On the other side, the largest rises were recorded in: Lugo (8.1%), Pamplona (5.9%), Cuenca (5.8), Castellón de la Plana (5.7%), Badajoz (5.4%), GIrona (5.1%) and Zaragoza (5%).

In addition, the only capital city in Spain that exceeded 5,000 euros/m2 was San Sebastián with 5,533 euros/m2. It was followed by Barcelona (4,359 euros/m2), Madrid (3,894 euros/m2), Bilbao (3,376 euros/m2) and Palma de Mallorca (3,081 euros/m2).

On the other hand, 33 of the provincial capitals are below the average price in Spain, which in September stood at 1,892 euros/m2. The cheapest in the country is Ávila capital with 1,140 euros/m2, followed by Lleida capital (1,180 euros/m2) and Huelva capital (1,230 euros/m2).

What is the price per Autonomous Community?

As for the autonomous communities with the highest year-on-year increase, Aragon leads the ranking with 5.7%, followed by Catalonia (4.6%), Andalusia (4.4%), La Rioja (4.2%), Galicia (4.2%), Extremadura (4%) and Castilla y León (2.6%).

Below the average, but showing an increase were: Balearic Islands (2%), Madrid (1.9%), Castilla-La Mancha (1.6%), Canarias (1.3%), Valencian Community (1.2%), Asturias (1%), Cantabria (0.9%) and Basque Country (0%).

On the other hand, two Autonomous Communities recorded falls: Navarra (-6.6%) and Murcia (-2.9%).

As for the price ranking by region, Madrid, which took the first place, is the only one that surpassed the 3,000 euro barrier, specifically 3,113 euros per square meter. It was followed by the Basque Country (2,880 euros/m2), the Balearic Islands (2,849 euros/m2) and Catalonia (2,535 euros/m2).

On the other hand, housing prices per square meter in 13 autonomous communities did not exceed 2,000 euros: the Canary Islands (1,783 euros/m2), Cantabria (1,749 euros/m2), Andalusia (1,700 euros/m2), Galicia (1,620 euros/m2), Navarra (1. 607 euros/m2), Aragon (1,605 euros/m2), Asturias (1,581 euros/m2), La Rioja (1,446 euros/m2), Castilla y León (1,438 euros/m2), Comunidad Valenciana (1,425 euros/m2), Extremadura (1,149 euros/m2), Murcia (1,118 euros/m2) and Castilla-La Mancha (1,113 euros/m2).
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