The 10 neighbourhoods where house prices have risen the most since the pandemic

The real estate prices in Spain are starting to rise again, but the increases vary greatly from one neighbourhood to another. Learn about the most popular places with the greatest demand and most rapid price growth!
The effects of the Covid pandemic on house sales seem to be behind us and prices are starting to rise again, but the increases vary greatly from one place to another.

Most of the ten neighbourhoods where prices have risen the most are located in Andalusia, according to Idealista. This analysis compares the prices of September 2019 with September 2021 (the same month was chosen to eliminate seasonal variations).
view of the street Recoletos in Madrid it is the most expensive area in Spain
Recoletos is one of the six wards (barrios) of Salamanca in Madrid, and the most expensive area in Spain ( photo by )
The first place goes to the neighbourhood of Las Salinas in Roquetas de Mar, which has seen its homes increase in price by 46.3% in two years, followed by Golf Guadiana, in Badajoz, with an increase of 41.4%, very similar to that of the neighbourhood of La Concepción in Cartagena (41.3%) and Marbella's Nagüeles (41.2%).

Fifth place is occupied by El Caño-Maracaibo in Las Rozas de Madrid, where the price has increased by 39.6%, followed by three neighbourhoods in the province of Málaga: Las Brisas (38.1%) and Bello Horizonte-Lindasol (34.1%) in Marbella, Guadalmansa (33.8%) in Estepona. The ranking is completed by Juan XXIII in the city of Alicante (30.4%) and Génova, in Palma de Mallorca (29.5%).

Which are the most expensive areas in each region in Spain?

The study also analyses which neighbourhoods have seen the highest rises in each autonomous community. Thus, in Andalusia, the area where price of housing has went up the most is Las Salinas in Roquetas de Mar (46.3%); in Aragon, Miralbueno-Bombarda in Zaragoza (22%); in Asturias, El Coto in Gijón (17.8%); in the Balearic Islands, Génova in Palma de Mallorca (29.5%); in the Canary Islands, Buenavista-Chapatal in Santa Cruz de Tenerife (25.8%); in Cantabria, Oruña in Piélagos (24.9%); in Castilla-La Mancha, Tres Olivos-La Piedad in Talavera de la Reina (29.1%); in Castilla y León, Anduva-Miranda Sur in Miranda de Ebro (16.7%); in Catalonia, Poble Nou in Terrassa (24.5%); in Comunidad Valenciana, Juan XXIII in Alicante (30.4%); in the Basque Country, Atxuri in Bilbao (20.9%); in Extremadura, Golf Guadiana in Badajoz (41.4%); in Galicia, Casco Vello in Vigo (23.3%); in La Rioja, Cascajos-Piqueras in Logroño (9.4%); in Madrid, El Caño-Maracaibo in Las Rozas (39.6%); in Murcia, La Concepción in Cartagena (41.3%); and in Navarra, San Jorge in Pamplona (21.7%).

TOP 10 Spanish neighborhoods where house prices have risen the most since the pandemic

The most expensive neighbourhoods in Spain

The most expensive places are obviously located in Madrid. The Recoletos neighbourhood in the capital is the one with the highest average price in the country, reaching 8,448 euros/m2. The next is also a classic among the country's most exclusive neighbourhoods: the Miraconcha district of San Sebastian and its 7,251 euros per square metre. Third place goes to the Jerónimos in Madrid (6,917 euros/m2), followed by the Área Romántica in San Sebastián (6,869 euros/m2).

Next come 3 neighbourhoods in Madrid: Castellana (6,861 euros/m2), Almagro (6,545 euros/m2) and El Viso (6,421 euros/m2). Pedralbes is the first Catalan neighbourhood in this ranking (6,125 euros/m2), followed by Lista in Madrid (5,963 euros/m2) and Les Tres Torres in Barcelona (5,959 euros/m2).

TOP 10 most expensive neighbourhoods in Spain


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